Big Brother 18 Episode 33

After Nicole won HOH in Big Brother 18 Episode 32, she proceeded to target Michelle and made her new ally Paul the pawn.

James is confident that Paul is the target because that is what Nicole is saying. May as well fess up. Unless James and Natalie vote with the rest, Paul leaving would require both Corey and tie breaker Nicole to vote out Michelle, thus revealing their hand if they haven’t already. The only out here is if Victor wins veto.

As the first ones to fall in the HOH competition, Corey and Victor are have nots for the week. They will also be able to eat seaweed and squid.

Nicole selects Victor at random to participate in the veto competition. Paul selects Corey (houseguest’s choice). Michelle selects James.

After Paul chooses Corey as houseguest’s choice, Michelle becomes suspicious that she is the target.

The veto competition is a counting or rather guessing competition in which they must identify the number of objects in Santa’s workshop based on a smaller number of similar objects. Corey seems hopelessly distracted.

First round: Corey and Paul fold (and advance but without a chance to earn points); Nicole and James score a point; Victor is eliminated.

Second round: Corey, Paul, and Michelle fold; Nicole scores a point; as the only other one standing, James is eliminated.

Third round: Paul folds despite Corey’s ridiculous answer of 1 billion so apparently he doesn’t want to win; Michelle scores a point; Corey is eliminated.

Fourth round: Paul folds; Nicole wins the power of veto.

There isn’t much point for Nicole to change the nominations.

Paul’s strategy after the veto competition is to act upset. Nicole doesn’t view it the way he says he intends and thinks he is being sketchy. Then he proposes that she take him off the block and replace him with Natalie, which has no chance of happening and demonstrates a lack of trust. Meanwhile in another room, Michelle is crying.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 32

James and Natalie picked a side and eliminated Victor in Big Brother 18 Episode 31. Then all of the jury members returned for a chance to come back in the house.

Paul blew up at everybody yet again hours before the eviction. I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors, but what comes out of this other than that is that Natalie wanted Victor to stay last week, rather than the person they are supposedly in an alliance with.

Everybody is participating in the HOH competition. The difference between this and the previous endurance competitions is the tilting wall and cold water. Zakiyah and Da’Vonne both jump together in under 17 minutes. Corey is next at 25 minutes. Bridgette falls next at 33 minutes. Paulie is next to fall at 48 minutes.

Victor is returning to the house. Again. This is stupid and ridiculous. Why even bother voting people out if they can just keep coming back again and again? Clearly he wasn’t good enough at the game to last the first time or the second time.

Natalie shouts that there is a god. The guy who went out on her HOH is back. She has a unique perspective on good news.

Two minutes later, Victor falls. Paul falls after 1 hour and 35 minutes. Nicole makes a deal with James, promising safety for himself and Natalie. Nicole wins HOH at 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Michelle is not at all happy. Natalie doesn’t really trust Nicole. Paul is somewhat happy.

Nicole’s immediate target is Michelle, which is exactly what Michelle says she would do if she were in her shoes. Such a lackluster target that just kicks the ball down the road until next week.

In addition to their existing final four deal with James and Natalie, Corey and Nicole now receive another offer from Victor and Paul. If she can get rid of Michelle, she can keep both sides going after each other and have both deals still open. Perhaps not such a bad idea. Paul agrees to be the pawn.

Corey wins the final care package, which is $5,000 that he can use to bribe someone to do something he wants.


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Big Brother 18 Episode 31

Paul made Natalie feel guilty for nominating him and then proceeded to pull himself off the block in Big Brother 18 Episode 30. Corey is now on the block along with Victor.

The vote all comes down to James (and Natalie). He has been pretty much working with everybody and really has no enemies, so having to pick a side is perhaps not ideal.

Paul’s plan to pull themselves out of their current predicament is to pretend to like Nicole and Corey and have Victor act like he’s mad about it.

Now that he’s been kicked out of the house, Paulie has stopped trying to make himself look awful. Apparently none of these people realize they have been eliminated because the girls all gang up on him, and he gives as good as he gets, making everybody look like idiots. So awkward and exactly the sort of thing Big Brother likes. Bridgette tells him he couldn’t have won anyway because he has an ego. Whether that’s true, it has no bearing on how he played the game.

Nicole: Victor
Paul: Corey
James: Victor

By a vote of 2-1, Victor has been evicted from the house for a second time. He’s a big competition threat, but the plan to get rid of the bigger threat fell apart when Paul won veto.

It’s not over yet. Victor will now get a third chance to enter the house and compete against Zakiyah, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, and Paulie. Like the first time, this is a rather meh lineup. The only one of them who even played a good game is Paulie… until he overplayed. If nothing else, any of them will stir the pot.

The HOH competition will be one of endurance, and the last juror standing will return to the game. Normally the big physical threats aren’t good at endurance, but Victor has already proved he can win endurance. Bridgette and Da’Vonne also did well in the hands raised rope stepping competition.

Their challenge will be to hold on to a wall that tilts up and down.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 30

Natalie finally won something, forcing her and James to pick a side in Big Brother 18 Episode 29. They decided to nominate James and Victor and form a showmance alliance with Nicole and Corey. Even with Michelle’s “win” of co-HOH and her desire to get rid of Nicole, the plan did not change.

They warned Victor that he is the pawn, which Victor now reveals to Paul. Knowing he’s the target, Paul immediately gets confrontational. He lies about knowing Da’Vonne was going, but contrary to Nicole’s version of the story about how he agreed with Paulie that they need to go after James next, it didn’t seem like he was onboard (or not onboard) with that particular plan. After Natalie starts crying, Michelle sees him being able to make her feel guilty for nominating him as another sign that Paul is dangerous and needs to go.

Further discussion convinces Natalie that she needs to backdoor Corey. Michelle, however, is just solidified in her opinion that Paul needs to go. James isn’t convinced either and wants to go back to the final four deal that they just made.

Done playing Mr. nice guy, Paul proceeds to yell at Nicole. Nobody seems to want to fight with him because people just keep leaving the room.

The veto competition will have them staying up all night and listening to announcements. Paul wants to study. Corey just wants to have fun and asks Nicole who cares. This is why Corey’s not a threat. Aside from that week that he won both of the competitions, his performances have been surprisingly lackluster.

Michelle selects Paul’s name, which allows him to pick someone to participate in the veto competition, and his choice is James. Natalie selects Michelle’s name, which lets her name someone, Corey. Strangely, Michelle chose who she thinks will be weaker, which isn’t the way to go about making sure Paul stays on the block.

Paul falls asleep in Natalie’s bed, which brings her back to wanting to get rid of him. Odd. He probably shouldn’t be doing that, but it’s strange that is what causes her to change her mind.

Half of these people aren’t even taking this competition seriously, but Paul has made it clear he is dead serious. The highest possible score is 21.

Corey: 15
James: 13
Michelle: 20
Natalie: 10
Paul: 21
Victor: 19

Paul’s studying pays off, and he wins the power of veto.

He is Michelle’s nominee, which is not good news for Nicole, who was her original target. Her other option is Corey, the “house’s main target,” except nobody is really targeting him other than Paul and Victor.

I’m not sure it even really matters. Paul will vote for Victor to stay, and Nicole or Corey will vote for the other to stay. The bad part for Michelle being co-HOH is that she doesn’t get a vote. That leaves James (and by extension Natalie) deciding whether they want to stick with the couple or continue to target the original targets.

Veto Ceremony
Paul uses the veto on himself.
Corey is the replacement nominee.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 29

With the whole house against him, Paulie found himself heading home in Big Brother 18 Episode 27. There was technically a Friday episode as well, but nothing really happened.

Before he left, Paulie stirred the pot and told Nicole, Corey, and Paul they need to go after Victor and James. Pretty much. Of course, in this house, this doesn’t stay secret for more than a few minutes before Nicole warns James.

The HOH competition puts them all in a black box where they will hold a button until a voice tells them they can search for discs. Some of the discs are decoys that won’t fit, and they can’t see anything. This just seems like dumb luck.

Michelle lets go in just over 20 minutes and is the first eliminated. Natalie keeps saying the entire time she can’t do this any longer, but everybody else survives the full two hours. At least until James slips and is eliminated right before the final buzzer.

Corey and Natalie end up tied at ten discs each. The winner is the person who brought their disc back first. By 4 seconds, Natalie wins HOH.

Natalie could go either way. Last week people were talking about how she joined forces with Paul and Victor, but really she just didn’t like Paulie.

America’s Care Package is won by Michelle for some reason. Her power is co-HOH, which makes her safe for the week and able to name one of the two nominees.

That could present a problem for Nicole and Corey, who thought they just got done talking Natalie and James into a showmance alliance.

Michelle would like to get rid of Nicole, contrary to Natalie’s concerns about what she calls the most dangerous duo. Like everybody before him, Paulie threw someone under the bus before he left, revealing to Michelle that Paul knew Da’Vonne was going home when he was HOH.


Natalie gets what she wants after all. Then Michelle lets Paul know who is really the target, telling Victor she will pull him off the block if she can and calling Paul a liar.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 27

More of the same drama continued in Big Brother 18 Episode 26, but in the end Corey and Paulie remained on the block.

There isn’t really much point in discussing this further, though Big Brother will fill an episode with it. We all know Paulie is leaving, and the rest of the house has made it clear they don’t plan to listen to anything he says.

Michelle: Paulie
Paul: Paulie
James: Paulie
Natalie: Paulie
Nicole: Paulie

By a vote of 5-0, Paulie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Just a week ago, he seemed to be in complete control of the game, which was the problem. He couldn’t recognize when to take his foot off the gas. It didn’t help that this is the season for bitter evictees to blow up people’s games when they see they have no shot of getting any further themselves.

The final ticket Julie opens is a one way ticket like the rest. Giving people a small 1/12 chance of getting back into the house was kind of interesting even though it didn’t amount to anything. Paul is the one who had the round trip ticket.

They already had it planned out that someone might return, so there is a contingency plan. The first five evicted jury members will compete to return to the game. I’m not sure I like someone returning to the game this late. I didn’t even like it when Victor returned after five weeks. Especially considering the jury so far. The first three members of the jury were pretty awful at the game (like Victor), though Paulie at least mostly played well.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 26

The fighting really amped up in Big Brother 18 Episode 25, and after Victor won HOH, the wheels kept spinning toward Paulie and his actual best friend Corey.

Before he has his breakdown, Paulie asks about the all male alliance that obviously no longer exists. This is news to Nicole, which she can share with the limited number of girls who remain.

When Paul is asked whether he will use the veto if he wins, he evades the question. Paulie suggests that he might use it to save Corey, but Corey is having no part of that.

Victor selects Paul at random to play in the veto competition. Paulie selects Nicole (houseguest’s choice). She is unlikely to win anyway and would save Corey instead, but only Paulie will save Paulie. Corey selects James.

We’re revisiting this silly strategy that rattling people before a competition will cause them to lose. Paul plots to attack and get the others to gang up before they compete. They complain about how bad he is, as they pick a fight as strategy.

The veto competition requires them to shoot beanbags and then choose prizes as they are eliminated. Each spot once hit is out of play for future rounds. There is possibly some skill to this, but luck will play a larger role. This is not the type of competition that favors someone who thinks they can go beastmode to win.

Paul is eliminated in the first round and receives the power of veto. Nicole is eliminated next and trades her secret service punishment of wearing a costume and patting down houseguests every time an alarm rings for the veto. Corey lands on a previously claimed spot and trades his vacation for veto. Paulie overshoots and trades his patriotard for veto. James overshoots and takes the $5,000. Victor wins and trades the requirement to keep baking apple pies for the rest of the summer for the power of veto.

There is no chance anything happens with this veto. Paulie’s a dead man walking and starting to act like Michelle.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 25

We rushed through two evictions in Big Brother 18 Episode 24 with Zakiyah and Bridgette both being voted out of the house.

Natalie, who was one of the key components of the plan to get rid of Zakiyah, tried to spin it around and make it seem like it was Paulie’s fault. Considering Zakiyah’s goodbye speech and her reaction after their talk, I’m not sure it worked. When word gets back to Paulie that she was talking about him flirting with her (which they both admit to doing with everyone in the house), he makes it clear that the battle lines have been drawn. And much awkward drama ensues when Paulie gets aggressive with the insults.

Meanwhile, both members of PP go in their own directions and find a new best friend, although it doesn’t seem they were ever really as close as the whole twinsies thing would have led us to believe. They’re kind of playing nice, but not really.

The HOH competition requires them to answer questions based on pictures they are shown. James eliminates Michelle, and this is the competition where they can pick who goes next. Paul beats Nicole in a round that lets Nicole know she shouldn’t trust James. Paul wants to pick Paulie, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious like James did. Victor beats Natalie. Paul beats Paulie. Victor wins again and eliminates James. Then Victor wins again and wins HOH.

Ironically, Victor just got done saying that he’s the guy somewhere in the middle and can keep floating. Now he’ll have to pick a side. At this point, that side seems pretty obvious because Paul has been really pushing against Paulie for about three whole days.

The third care package from America might actually matter. Nicole is the winner, and she gets safety for the week. She wasn’t going to be the target, but that blows up the plan to make her the replacement nominee. Along with safety comes a super safety costume.


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