Britney Spears’ Family Upset by Dr. Phil

Britney Spears’ family responded to Dr. Phil’s claims that she needs an intervention (as if it were some big secret).

“Here you have Britney, who needs to have some security somewhere that every single thing she does and every single person she has a relationship with doesn’t become an opportunity to be exploited,” said Lou Taylor, the family’s business manager. “I mean, when do you ever rest if you’re in constant fear of being exploited, of being taken advantage of?”

The family believes Dr. Phil acted inappropriately because as a doctor, he should have honored her privacy, even though he’s not actually her doctor.

1 thought on “Britney Spears’ Family Upset by Dr. Phil”

  1. I am 110% sure that the family would have been fine with Dr. Phil’s behavior if Britney had gone along with it. Britney is addicted to the spotlight and I suspect that they had hoped that she would go along with the Phil Drill because of the payoff in the form of attention. They forgot that Phil doesn’t buy his guests cocaine and Paparazzi boyfriends do.

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