Big Brother 17 Episode 34

After Steve won HOH, he finally did what should have happened many weeks before Big Brother 17 Episode 33. He nominated Austin and Liz.

Now that we are down to 6, everybody will participate in the veto competition. Oh, and Jessie is back again for some reason, wearing a tutu. Their challenge is to bowl, releasing the gates in their way for 15 seconds by spinning 15 times.

Liz beats Steve in the first face off. Julia chooses to challenge Austin. Huh? Either way, that works out for everybody else, including Vanessa who seems to have planted the seed in her mind. Then Vanessa starts telling Liz to pick Austin, too, and Austin’s paranoid that the whole house is out to get him. Austin beats Julia. John chooses Liz now that Vanessa has stirred up all this drama with Austin, and he wins easily. Vanessa selects Austin, who feels betrayed again, and shuts her out.

That leaves John against Austin, who tells John that he really wants it. Oh, you want to save yourself and put both twins in danger? No problem. John will be happy to oblige. Austin wins the power of veto, celebrating by warning everyone that Judas is here.

Vanessa says that the twins are coming at her like she played them. She kind of did. But she has a point. An Austin win means Julia’s going on the block. What other choice is there?

The aftermath of this is much arguing. Nobody trusts anybody. Even the showmance is under strain, as Liz realizes Austin is no Clay, who sacrificed himself (some would say foolishly) so Shelli could stay and then promptly follow him out the door. Austin’s not helping his case by saying things like “I ruined my life for you.”

Meanwhile, though he doesn’t want to get involved in this drama, Steve starts telling us that he’s afraid of Vanessa and maybe should take her out. This is believable. Sure, Vanessa is super dangerous and realistically the odds on favorite to win, but you can’t leave a trio in the house at this stage, whether they have been arguing or not.

Austin uses the power of veto on himself. In his place, Julia is nominated.

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