Big Brother 17 Episode 35

After Vanessa twisted the knife some more, Austin won the power of veto in Big Brother 17 Episode 34, and by removing himself from the block, he put both twins Julia and Liz in danger of going home.

It should go without saying that Liz is going home. There is not a good reason to keep her. She has won too many competitions and is in a showmance.

Vanessa offers a deal to keep Liz. She is not nominated next week or at least if she must be due to the veto, she won’t go home. She can decide who goes home next week if it’s between Steve and John. And they will take her to the end. They agree, but she can’t really think they are serious, right? She’s asking for way too much. It’s a fair request considering what she is offering in return, but it’s still way too much. The fact that she has to drive such a hard bargain also suggests a lack of trust.

The one logical point Vanessa makes is that Julia’s a great person to take to the final two, much better than she is, so removing Liz removes a shield.

Austin: Julia
Vanessa: Julia
John: Julia

By a vote of 3-0, Julia has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I don’t get it. They did keep a target around, but they also kept a dominant showmance that can still wipe them all out.

The HOH competition is the egg transporting challenge, which this time has them moving eggs overhead.

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