Big Brother 17 Episode 36

Austin and the twins were finally put in danger after way too long, but they still managed to get what they wanted in Big Brother 17 Episode 35 when the house voted out Julia, the one who has no chance of winning the game.

Of all the competitions that you would think might favor Austin, moving eggs through a fence would not be one of them, but he’s leading this one at the start. That doesn’t last long. Vanessa takes the lead at 3. John is about even with them. Liz is not even a factor. By the time Vanessa gets her sixth egg, Liz gives up and goes for the luxury prize. John makes things interesting, but Vanessa retains a lead for almost the entire time and wins HOH.

Vanessa finds out that everybody was promising everybody else they would be safe. She’s even surprised to find that John made a deal with Austin, the one she told him to make but now has forgotten, which Austin lies about existing.

Vanessa had an alliance with John, but she claims that isn’t an alliance, not really. Granted, she had an alliance with Liz an Austin for much longer. She makes basically the worst deal ever with Austin, receiving a promise to vote out John this week and to try to win the HOH competition next week. Yeah, he’s really going out of his way there.

Liz’s luxury prize is an Ariana Grande concert with her brother Frankie. I don’t imagine this is Austin’s kind of music anyway, and he points to Vanessa as the person Liz should take with her.

Realizing that he may be going on the block anyway, John tries reverse psychology, telling Vanessa to go ahead and nominate him and Steve if she wants.


Given the two pairs she had to choose from, I don’t get how she views Steve and John as the greater danger.

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