Big Brother 17 Episode 37

Vanessa won HOH in Big Brother 17 Episode 36 and nominated Steve and John, keeping the showmance safe.

Tonight is a surprise eviction episode for the houseguests. It’s a surprise to me, too. I should pay more attention to Julie’s rambling.

John gets the vibe that he’s out of the club, and he offers throwing veto to Austin and Liz. Interesting. Seems kind of dumb. But interesting. I guess if he has nothing to lose, perhaps it’s worth rolling the dice and seeing what happens. Austin immediately tells Vanessa.

The veto competition is a promo for a new CBS show. They have to construct puzzles on magnetic boards while crossing back and forth on a balance beam, avoiding taking too much time to prevent their pieces from falling. John says he only wants to win if Steve is getting close to winning, which is a real possibility since it’s a puzzle, though balance isn’t his strong suit.

Losing track of time, Vanessa is out almost immediately. Austin’s not a factor. Like I said, it’s a puzzle. Realizing that it’s a very close race between Liz and Steve, John decides to win.

Vanessa never wanted to send Steve home, but either she needs to do that or break up the showmance. They will never vote against each other, which is exactly why they need to be broken apart. John probably won’t vote against Steve either, but at least in that case there’s a chance for John to be convinced. If John votes to keep Steve, that would force Vanessa to break the tie.

Steve asks to talk. Vanessa wants to be alone. Yet she wants to talk to Austin.

John uses the power of veto on himself. Austin has been nominated.

Vanessa talks with John. They make a deal. Perhaps this is less fake than the last deal they had. Vanessa now thinks she should get rid of Austin. John then goes on about keeping Austin just to tick Vanessa off. Highly illogical and unlikely but good for show.

Liz: Steve
John: Austin

Since the votes are tied, the HOH must decide who goes home. Vanessa votes to evict Austin. He probably would have been better off if Liz had gone home last week instead of Julia because this was the perfect excuse to get rid of him. He leaves warning Vanessa that she can’t win the game now that she has made yet another big move. I can sense we may have a bitter jury member on our hands.

The HOH competition requires them to guess bleeped out words based on what houseguests have said throughout the season. These are so lamely open to guessing, as the words could easily be multiple things. Of course, CBS wants us to think they are dirty.

Everybody gets the first and second questions correct. Steve gets the third question correct. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. John gets the fifth question correct. Everybody gets the sixth question incorrect. John and Steve get the final question correct. Liz has been eliminated, and the other two will participate in a tiebreaker. The answer is about 2800. Steve guesses a seemingly ridiculous 601, forgetting a 0. John guesses a much closer 3600, but he’s over. Steve wins HOH.

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