Big Brother 17 Episode 38

Vanessa finally got rid of Austin in Big Brother 17 Episode 37 as an accidental backdoor. Then Steve became HOH because he added wrong.

Vanessa’s crying again after the eviction. Liz doesn’t care and hates everybody, but she’ll work with Vanessa because it’s not like the other two want anything to do with her. That seems to be the motto of everyone. Work with Vanessa because there is no other choice. Until she screws you over because she controls every vote.


Weird. I guess it doesn’t really matter since the veto holder controls the eviction but still. Weird. Obviously, Steve’s target is not John, but he does want to get rid of Vanessa.

Even when he gets to the jury house, Austin is still bitter. This isn’t going away. He refuses to acknowledge that the person who beat him has outplayed him. It’s not very long until finale night, so I’m guessing he’ll still be a baby then.

Brendon and Rachel are pregnant. I’m not sure how many people care, but this show is probably more successful at showmances than The Bachelor.

Why is Beast Mode Cowboy back? The veto competition requires them to press buttons a bunch of times to answer questions based on numbers. After two strikes, they are out. Liz is last on the first question and then the second question, and she has been eliminated. Steve is unable to answer the third question and the fourth, and he is eliminated. John has been killing it so far, but Vanessa beats him on the next question and then again. Vanessa wins the power of veto.

The right person won, and the end game threat is clear. John is good fun, but he can’t really point to anything he’s done, despite two chances. Liz has to go. Of course, the problem with that is that Vanessa would risk sending yet another bitter person to the jury, who is both a twin and part of a showmance, which means 3 votes. That is exactly the reason why they should not have dragged that trio this far. Even letting the second twin come into the house in the first place was seriously risky.

Vanessa uses the power of veto on herself. Liz is the only possible replacement nominee, and Vanessa has the sole vote.

Vanessa: John

The positive in this for Vanessa is that Steve and John both want to get rid of her or at least keep each other, whereas with Liz she might have a shot of being brought to the finals. So though this is not the wise move as far as who she can beat, it may be smarter as far as who would bring her to the end.

Due to football, there will not be a show tomorrow, but there will be one last Sunday night episode before the finale, which will contain a single part of the HOH competition and mass amounts of time wasting.

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