America’s Got Talent Season 10 Winner

I’ve never been thrilled with an end result of American Idol Lite (although at least it’s never been as bad as New Zealand’s Got Talent where every single act danced or sang), but a season like this is refreshing. Comedians and magicians and a real dragon. Lots of variety to go around. Makes for a very watchable final episode, too.

Derek Hughes has been eliminated. Oz Pearlman joins the top 5.

Gary Vider has been eliminated. Drew Lynch joins the top 5.

Uzeyer Novruzov has been eliminated. The Professional Regurgitator joins the top 5.

Benton Blount has been eliminated. The CraigLewis Band joins the top 5.

Piff the Magic Dragon has been eliminated. Paul Zerdin joins the top 5.

The CraigLewis Band finishes in fifth place.

Stevie Starr The Professional Regurgitator finishes in fourth place. He is an amazing act, but I kept thinking he already had his chance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Oz Pearlman finishes in third place.

Drew Lynch finishes in second place.

The America’s Got Talent season 10 winner is ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.

As one of the top shows of the summer, America’s Got Talent will be back again next year for season 11, though Howard Stern will not be returning.

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