Big Brother 17 Episode 33

During the double eviction in Big Brother 17 Episode 32, Meg and James were both eliminated, completing the removal of their alliance from the game.

There’s all this talk about how the twins made a mistake last week when they got rid of James, which may have some truth to it, but I can’t imagine wouldn’t be gunning for Austin and the twins as well. We’ve been dancing around this large alliance long enough. It’s silly they have even gotten this far.

Austin discusses throwing the HOH and just letting one of the twins take the fall, which is going to have to happen if he wants to get to the final two anyway, but he is not ready to do that just yet.

Their challenge is to watch a series of pictures going by in decreasing speed and identify which houseguest’s picture is not shown, then arrange a puzzle showing that person’s face. A puzzle challenge seems to play very well to Steve’s and John’s strengths.

Not realizing she’s missing pieces, Vanessa does not finish the first puzzle and is eliminated. Austin is the next one eliminated. Julia is the third person eliminated. John wants to play next week and lets Steve win HOH.

Steve wants to be able to say he made a big move, but this forces him to pick a side and possibly become a target. I’m not sure a win here against his closest ally was a smart decision.

Austin promises Steve that he won’t nominate him. He’s heard that story before. The twins know something is up with Austin. He’s just trying to save himself. Of course, they will do the same when the time comes.

Steve is set on nominating the twins, but Vanessa’s mind is always working. He needs to keep the weakest of the three off the block so that Austin doesn’t win veto and remove Liz, then the two of them control the vote. That would mean nominating the showmance instead, which is a greater risk to Steve playing nice with Austin. John agrees, but further proposes that they get rid of Austin so that Vanessa’s ties to the other side are cut. Of course, she’s closer to the twins than either John or Steve, so I’m not sure what that really accomplishes, although it does take out a big physical threat.

Prior to the nomination ceremony, Steve warns Austin what he plans to do.


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