Big Brother 17 Episode 32

After James won the power of veto, Vanessa’s plan was ruined in Big Brother 17 Episode 31, and she had to nominate Julia against Meg.

Julia is not as good a target as Liz, but the opportunity to get rid of a twin is huge. Obviously, Austin and Liz will vote to keep her. That leaves it up to John and Steve, Vanessa’s newest allies who are probably better for than anyone else she was working with previously.

John and Vanessa promise each other final two. It’s an alliance of convenience but not the one most people would suspect.

Liz: Meg
James: Julia
Steve: Meg
John: Meg
Austin: Meg

By a vote of 4-1, Meg has been evicted from the Big Brother house. All of a sudden, James is all alone. Vanessa got her way, but I’m not sure it was the smart move to leave an alliance that consists of a showmance and a set of twins and makes up half the houseguests remaining.

And now we head to the second eviction of the night.

The HOH competition requires them to view photos and then answer true or false questions. Everyone gets the first question correct. James and Steve are eliminated on the next question. Austin and John are eliminated next. Liz and Julia are both correct on the next question and the next one and the one after that. Liz answers the next question correctly to win HOH.

It goes 100% without saying that Austin and the twins are safe for another week. This is getting more and more dangerous as the numbers dwindle.


The veto comeptition provides them with two ball rolls on a boomerang-shaped platform that has numbers on the opposite side. Steve scores 0 both times. John does as well. This is starting to look stupid. Austin scores 6 and then 9. Liz scores 15 and 0. Julia scores 13 and 4 to take the lead. James scores 0 and then 0 again. Julia wins the power of veto.

Keeping her sister’s nominations the same, Julia does not use the power of veto.

Austin: James
Julia: James
Vanessa: James
Steve: James

By a vote of 4-0, James has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I thought Austin and the twins were going to get rid of John again instead. Little do they know this leaves another alliance of three up against them. Possibly. If someone decides to target them for once.

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