Big Brother 17 Episode 31

Vanessa won HOH in Big Brother 17 Episode 30 and chose to stick to her original side that has since turned on her, nominating Meg and James.

Meg and James thought they were being clever before the nominations by keeping quiet. Now they are ready to talk or at least complain.

Vanessa realizes she has pissed off everybody. She doesn’t want to target Austin and the twins, too, but she doesn’t have a lot of options if James wins veto.

Vanessa selects Julia at random to participate in the veto competition. James picks Liz. Meg picks Austin. None of those three choices are likely to change things.

They will be given 3 minutes to hide their veto cards, and then each person will have 2 minutes to find them, rotating until only one card remains. The person whose card has not been found wins. There is some strategy to this, but it seems like largely dumb luck.

Vanessa eliminates Liz. Julia eliminates Vanessa. Meg eliminates Julia. James eliminates Meg. Vanessa (who can still play because they don’t find out the results until later) eliminates Austin. James wins the power of veto.

Now Vanessa’s dilemma is that she’s alone in the house. As much as she may want Meg to go home, most people view Meg as non-threatening. The only reason Meg is a threat is because of James. Aside from that, nobody is worried about her, and they could easily flip the vote and screw over Vanessa.

James goes off about Vanessa at Austin. I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish here. This will only encourage her more to get rid of Meg. Make a deal. Lie if you need to do so. Don’t lash out like this.

As Vanessa proposes to Julia that she should be a pawn, making it abundantly clear that Meg is her target, Julia’s defense is that she’s not scared of Meg. That’s exactly the point. They would vote out the proposed replacement, John, instead.

James reluctantly goes to talk to Vanessa. His advice for her: she’s playing the game too hard. Now we get to see angry Vanessa. Haven’t seen that in… minutes. To be fair, before they started talking, she warned him she was in a bad mood, but he wanted to chat anyway.

James uses the power of veto on himself. In his place, Vanessa nominates Julia. This is the perfect opportunity for the rest of the house to finally break up the twins.

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