Big Brother 17 Winner

Vanessa has basically controlled the game from the beginning, as her game theory overcame her emotions. Still, Liz can’t be overlooked, considering she has been in a dominant alliance that none of the other idiots in the house targeted for months. And Steve has been… in the house with them.

There was an episode on Sunday night, which I didn’t bother watching because literally nothing happened. We begin tonight with the first part of the final HOH competition, an endurance competition in which they must swing on apples. Steve is the first to fall. Then Vanessa seemingly easily talks Liz into dropping, promising her she’ll take her to the final two.

Steve was hoping for a puzzle, and it looks like that’s exactly what he got for part two. They are greeted by a giant crossword puzzle using clues from this season. As it’s a giant puzzle, there is also a bit of a physical aspect to it of climbing up and down.

Steve – 28:27
Liz – 31:11

It’s pretty close, but there is no surprise that Steve has won the puzzle challenge against Liz.

Dr. Will is back to chat with the jury. Austin offers to cut his ponytail and beard if Vanessa comes in. Can he do it anyway? And then he whines and whines and whines. He’s not alone. He’s just the most bitter.

John calls Steve a rat, and Julia refers to him as cowardly.

When asked why Liz should win this game, John has a simple answer: she shouldn’t. Liz, of course, has two guaranteed votes no matter what, and she has some other big fans as well.

Now for the final part of the final HOH competition, 50/50 guess to fill in jury member quotes.

Shelli said, “My favorite moment was winning HOH. Duh.” Steve gets a point.

Jackie said, “The most annoying thing about the house was the constant paranoia.” Both are incorrect.

Becky said, “The biggest lie told this summer was everything that came out of Audrey’s mouth.” Both get a point.

Meg said, “The houseguest who I think needs a reality check the most is Clay. Who gives up a half million dollars for a girl?” Both get a point.

James said, “The strongest competitor was Johnny Mac.” Both are incorrect.

Julia said, “The person whose gameplay I respected the most was Austin because he’s been watching the show since season 1.” Both get a point.

Austin said, “The most embarrassing moment for me was Zingbot telling me I stink.” Vanessa gets a point.

John said, “The best thing about being in the house was not having to drill people’s nasty teeth.” Steve gets a point.

By answering the final question correctly, Steve wins, for lack of a better term.

I don’t see how Steve has a shot here either way. I think his best hope is that he takes Vanessa and there are too many bitter people, but he does not see it that way. He compliments Vanessa, calling her the strongest female player ever, then he votes to evict her. My vote is for Danielle from season 3, but his sentiment is not wrong. Vanessa outplayed all of them. She says she wouldn’t have taken him either, so it’s not like she can hold it against them for breaking their final two deal that neither of them ever really intended to honor.

John wants to know why he’s wrong in thinking that Steve relied on him and Vanessa. He points to splitting up the twins, as well as getting rid of Jackie.

Becky asks what strategy was Liz’s and not from Austin. She doesn’t really have an answer.

James asks about Steve floating through half the game. He disagrees, saying he was not floating but building layers of protection.

A similar question for Liz to the one she already tried to answer: what was her biggest game move, other than winning competitions? She aligned with strong people.

And then Steve basically gets the same question he already got, too. Really, they could have just asked them one question each, and we’d be at the same point but in less time.

Liz says she deserves to win because she came in with a huge disadvantage of having a twin, which in theory should be true, but in actuality it ended up being what got her this far.

In his concluding statement, Steve says he just got rid of the strongest player in the game. I think that’s a more harmful statement than helpful, even if he’s not wrong, but by this point what they say doesn’t matter.

Vanessa: Liz
John: Steve
Austin: Liz
Julia: Liz
James: Steve
Meg: Steve
Becky: Steve
Jackie: Steve
Shelli: Steve

By a vote of 6-3, the Big Brother 17 winner is Steve. I didn’t see that coming. Steve is the more likeable of the two, but his game was underwhelming for about 3 months, although he did peak at the right time, just as Liz fizzled. Perhaps that’s the point. Liz spent the summer building relationships with a select few, going after the other side of the house, which now makes up most of the jury.

James, John, and Jason are the top three vote getters for America’s vote. James wins the $25,000 prize.

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