The Amazing Race 27 Episode 1

Gone are the days of the lame blind date twist that fell totally flat. This season’s 11 teams of two have a preexisting relationship with their partners.

Alex Manard & Adam Dingeman (Cousins)
Cindy Chac & Rick Chac (Married)
Denise Williams & James Corley (Mother/Son)
Ernest Phillip & Jin Lao (Brothers)
Jazmine Lewis & Danielle Littleton (Friends)
Justin Scheman & Diana Bishop (Engaged)
Kelly Berning & Shevonne Sullivan (Friends/Co-Workers)
Kelsey Gerckens & Joey Buttitta (Dating/Co-Workers)
Logan Fazio & Chris Gordon (Dating/Business Partners)
Tanner Kloven & Josh Ahern (Friends)
Tiffany Chantell & Krista Debono (Former NFL Cheerleaders)

Their first destination is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They start off with a challenge, a water bike race that will determine which team departs half an hour prior to all the other teams. At least this time everybody is basically on equal footing, unlike the usual three teams fighting for last while everyone else just coasts. Justin & Diana win the race to get on the first flight. Tanner & Josh, on the other hand, drop from first to last after they break their transportation.

The first flight is delayed by 20 minutes, and the second flight arrives 5 minutes early, so that head start is almost completely irrelevant. Still, with a few minutes lead over the second place team, Justin & Diana take a weather dependent fast forward. They decide to take the risk because the skies are clear. Little do they realize weather means wind, and the fast forward cannot be completed, ironically making their earlier challenge win a big disadvantage rather than the advantage they thought it was. Justin is crying already. It’s a little early for this, dude.

The detour is a choice between sand or sidewalk. In sand, teams will play footvolley against local pros but will be allowed to use their hands and must score 6 points before their opponents score 18. In sidewalk, teams will put together a geometric slide puzzle.

Sidewalk: Cindy & Rick, Denise & James, Kelly & Shevonne (switched from sand), Tiffany & Krista (switched from sand)
Sand: Tanner & Josh, Jazmine & Danielle, Logan & Chris, Alex & Adam, Kelsey & Joey (switched from sidewalk), Justin & Diana (switched from sidewalk)

The soccer volleyball task seems simpler because the pros are good but are so handicapped that it doesn’t seem very difficult to beat them. The puzzle is a lot more hit or miss. Could be 10 minutes or 2 hours.

I’ve never seen this much indecision, though. Everybody is switching detours, and the battle for last comes down to two teams who thought they could do better at puzzles than volleyball, despite none of them apparently being good at puzzles.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Arpoador Lookout. Already? That was a quick leg.

First: Tanner & Josh (win express pass, which once used must be given to another team)
Second: Jazmine & Danielle
Third: Cindy & Rick
Fourth: Denise & James
Fifth: Logan & Chris
Sixth: Alex & Adam
Seventh: Ernest & Jin
Eighth: Kelsey & Joey
Ninth: Justin & Diana
Tenth: Tiffany & Krista
Eliminated: Kelly & Shevonne

After 3 hours and 45 minutes of puzzle solving, TMZ girls Kelly & Shevonne finally finish it, but they took so long that Phil has to pay them a visit to eliminate them.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 27 Episode 2, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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