Big Brother 17 Episode 7

The two HOHs plotted to backdoor Audrey in Big Brother 17 Episode 6. But Clay had other plans, convincing Shelli to try to get rid of Da’Vonne instead, nominating her alongside John to throw the battle of the block against Becky’s pawns Jason and Steve.

Becky’s completely satisfied with being dethroned. Now Shelli can do her dirty work. Little does she know Shelli has no such plan.

Da’Vonne is positive that John threw the competition. Though he planned to do that, he didn’t have to. All he had to do was follow her stupid strategy of turning on every single monitor at the same time.

Audrey has alienated herself by playing too hard and being obvious about it, so now her last resort is to eavesdrop as much as she can.

Shelli chooses Clay for the veto competition (houseguest’s choice). John picks Meg at random. Da’Vonne picks Steve. This seems to be the best case scenario for Shelli and Clay.

Audrey has now found a new friend. Clay. He wants her to know he’s saving her, or at least he’s trying to get rid of Da’Vonne instead.

The veto competition is to listen to a list of items and then find the missing item to bring to Kathy Griffin’s voice. John challenges Da’Vonne and wins. He nominates Steve to play, and Steve challenges Clay. Clay narrowly wins and picks Meg, who challenges Shelli. Shelli is first to ring in but she is incorrect, and Meg wins without even trying. Meg nominates John, who challenges her and then beats her. In the final round, John is again up against Clay. John wins the power of veto.

Now Shelli is in a position she did not anticipate. She’s going to have to pick a replacement nominee.

Shelli finally reveals to Becky her plan. It’s a little late for that. Really terrible planning. Propose this strategy beforehand, even if just as a possible option. Don’t only tell it when you have no other choice.

Oh, and they want John to not use the power of veto. Now that’s just stupid.

The plan remains to nominate a pawn alongside Da’Vonne. In theory, this should work. But this is Big Brother 101 here. If you are going to nominate people, make sure it’s someone you are willing to lose. Put Audrey up against Da’Vonne, and you win either way, even if one is less preferable.

The proposed pawn is Liz. Austin doesn’t want to lose her, so he convinces Vanessa to get Meg nominated instead. His claim is that Da’Vonne is turning the house against them, but really Da’Vonne seems lost. Shelli likes this plan. Who’s going to vote out sweet Meg? How about anybody who wants to break up the couple that just snuck around behind their backs with a plan that differed from what the entire house wants?

Then somewhere along the way, Clay has this new thought. Maybe they should nominate Audrey.

John uses the power of veto on himself because the plan not to was dumb. In his place, Shelli nominates Meg.

Logically, Da’Vonne should be gone because she’s too volatile, but this could easily backfire.

Of course, there’s still one last stupid twist to play out this week that may influence the outcome. Da’Vonne needs 7 votes to stay. That drops down to 5 if someone on her side “wins” the advantage.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 6

Jace was predictably voted out in Big Brother 17 Episode 5, then Shelli and Becky won HOH.

Audrey tried to blame Vanessa as being the mastermind of an all girl alliance. Then she warned Vanessa that this rumor has been started about her, saying that Da’Vonne was the one who started it. If you’re going to spread rumors, don’t tell the person you’re spreading them about, whether you blame someone else or not. This leads to a house meeting, where the truth comes out, and Audrey is now public enemy number 1. She gets points for playing hard… but not smart.

Like last week, both HOHs have the same target, and both go around telling the rest of the house there are going to be pawns.

Audrey is the clear target, but Clay has another target in mind, someone who he knows for a fact he can’t trust, as opposed to someone who everybody probably can’t trust. He wants to target Da’Vonne. The question is whether the sneaky person is more dangerous than the big mouth, but in Da’Vonne’s case, I think he has made a fair assessment of where she stands.

Clay volunteers to be nominated alongside Da’Vonne and be a pawn and throw the competition. That’s not a smart plan, and it’s not something Shelli wants to do. They need another sucker, and that would be John, who they’d better hope will play along.

Becky tells the story of how she got hit in the face by a train, and in the year since she has fully recovered and did not need plastic surgery.

Shelli’s Nominations

Becky’s Nominations

Becky believes that everything went according to plan, and it did. Just not her plan. She is completely unaware that an alternate plan has been hatched behind her back.

Their challenge is to correctly point 9 cameras at the correct objects, figuring out which camera feeds to which screen. Steve and Jason seem like a pretty inept pair, but this competition has no physical elements to it. They also have a decent strategy of only starting two cameras at a time. Da’Vonne, meanwhile, wants to start every single camera. John is just going to sit back and watch her sabotage them with a terrible strategy. Jason and Steve win the battle of the block, dethroning Becky as HOH.

The first thing out of Jason’s mouth is that he wants to do whatever he can to save Da’Vonne. Therein lies the problem with this plan, although John is not exactly a big target. The best thing people can come up with against him is that they don’t believe he is a dentist. But the way Shelli handled these nominations, I’m not sure she considered the votes, whereas the Audrey vote seemed pretty solid.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 5

For all the drama of Big Big Brother 17 Episode 4, what happened was exactly what was expected. Steve won the power of veto, and Jace was nominated in his place.

Remember when Y2K was happening? Jace tells us his nomination is worse than that. James says it’s not personal. Jace disagrees.

He begins his aggressive campaign to save himself. Everybody plays along with his hopelessness. Audrey has finally had enough. She tells him that everybody knew he was the target. So he turns his sights on her because he’s not happy that she is trying to tell him the truth. After living in denial for a while, he finally acknowledges his fate.

Now we find out who is playing with an identical twin. It’s that girl, uh, what’s her name? Well, it’s a good thing they put her name on the screen. Liz has a twin named Julia.

Jeff: Jace
Da’Vonne: Jace
Jason: Jace
Audrey: Jackie
Steve: Jace
Liz/Julia: Jace
Austin: Jace
Meg: Jace
John: Jace
Clay: Jace
Becky: Jace
Shelli: Jace
Vanessa: Jace

By a vote of 12-1, Jace has been evicted from the Big Brother house. When one person votes against the entire house’s obvious plan and basically the entire house is in an alliance, it’s a deliberate attempt to cause controversy.

Jason and Da’Vonne go out of their way to be jerks to Jace as he departs. This is going to bite them if they keep doing it, but Jace has no chance of further impacting the game.

Kathy Griffin is ready for a takeover for some reason. She will be calling the house. The person who answers the 7th phone call will receive the power to prevent 3 votes from counting at next week’s vote. Well. That is pretty stupid.

The HOH competition requires them to assemble a promotional billboard for Kathy Griffin, so basically complete a puzzle. I guess this is supposed to be a fast paced competition since they are running back and forth to retrieve puzzle pieces and bring them to the other side, but it’s kind of dull.

Becky is the first HOH; Shelli is the second HOH.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 4

John & Becky won the battle of the block in Big Brother 17 Episode 3, leaving Steve & Jackie on the block and dethroning Jason as HOH. Supposedly, Steve and Jackie are both pawns to get rid of Jace, but neither should feel very safe.

His alliance isn’t big enough yet, so now James also wants to work with Meg and Clay. Basically half the house. Yeah, this will last.

Austin is starting to notice that people seem annoyed by Jace. It was pretty obvious that as allies go, Jace was not a good one. His resolution is not to drop him but to form an alliance with James and Audrey that neither is interested in honoring.

James chooses Becky at random to play in the veto competition. Jackie picks John. Steve picks Jason (houseguest’s choice).

Da’Vonne is counting everthing, which is pretty smart, but she’s being stupidly obvious about it. Jeff asks her what she’s doing, and she freaks out because, well, I don’t know why exactly. Then she decides Clay is also an appropriate target to flip out at, apparently because he sent Jeff into the room to spy on her. He tells her that her attitude is just so negative. Then she’s crying in the diary room. And then she gets annoyed with Audrey, too. So much drama.

Their veto challenge is to dig through gold in water and mess to find letters and spell. James manages to come up with a 9 point word. Becky spelled lovesick, a 7 point word. Jason spelled zones (really?), a 6 point word. Jackie spelled judge, equally as bad. Steve spelled trombonist, a ridiculous 12 point word that pretty much nobody else would have spelled. John spelled boogers, a 7 point word. Steve has won the power of veto.

Now Audrey wants Shelli to join their dysfunctional alliance. Jeff, too. Neither HOH likes that she’s making these decisions on her own. Jeff’s not happy either, and Meg would like to know why Audrey is dragging him out of bed with her.

Steve uses the power of veto to save himself. In his place, James nominates Jace as planned. Seems like much ado about nothing earlier, but it will end up mattering eventually.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 3

Jason became the second HOH of the season in Big Brother 17 Episode 2, and Phil brought us two rather lackluster The Amazing Race contestants in Jeff and Jackie.

Jason doesn’t think John is a dentist either. I don’t get it. If you’re going to make up a story, why a dentist?

Who’s ready for a takeover? I am not. Now Phil reveals the rest of his “cliffhanger”. It’s the BB fast forward. Their games will fast forward to next week. Additionally, they will be able to pick one person each to save.

Vanessa is looking for someone to offset her skills and wants a physical threat to ally with. Da’Vonne does not want to pick one of her existing allies, leaving Shelli and Audrey hanging.

Da’Vonne saves Liz. Vanessa picks Austin. This really shrinks the pool of potential nominees.

Da’Vonne, who just declined to save her allies, now has decided she is the one who should not trust Shelli. She’s worried that Shelli is getting too close to Clay, a valid concern, and as such she needs to be on the “outer ring” of the alliance.

Austin and Jace are in an alliance. I think. I’m not sure if they are serious or not. Austin figures Jace is just a shield whose big mouth will get him in trouble. That hardly makes him a great ally.

Due to her gender identity, Audrey is safe with Jason.

Both HOHs are afraid of Jace, too afraid to nominate him directly. So they go around and warn everybody else that they are potentially going to be pawns. They don’t seem to have an actual plan.

Jason’s Nominations

James’ Nominations

In theory, these are all pawns, but there is a lack of trust for at least three of these nominees, all but Becky, who is the one crying post-nomination and wants revenge, despite having willingly agreed to be a pawn without arguing about it like Steve did.

For the first battle of the block, they will transport building blocks across balance beams and build towers. With Jackie unable to compensate for her awkward partner, John and Becky win the competition and dethrone Jason.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 2

Julie announced a bunch of stupid twists in Big Brother 17 Episode 1. Then James won HOH. Tonight, we get to talk about more stupid twists as six additional houseguests enter the house.

Liz is stubborn and has no filter and doesn’t like “jealous girls”. Jason wants to live in the Big Brother house so he can get out of his mother’s basement. My very first reaction to Clay was that he must be this season’s gay guy, but no, that would be Jason. So is Vanessa, or at least she’s bi, though in her case I don’t think that’s one of the main reasons for her casting. Vanessa is a pro poker player in Vegas, having won over $4 million after apparently studying how to play poker (technically, game theory) in college. John is a dentist who just wants money and to rock. Becky is an outdoorsy hippy, though she doesn’t look the part, at least not the hippy bit. Steve is a socially awkward engineer who’s terrible at holding a conversation.

Da’Vonne assumes John is lying about being a dentist. Why would he do that? Liz dumped her boyfriend before coming into the house, so now she’s single and can pursue Clay, who makes a very good first impression, though I’m not sure there’s much there beyond being, as someone put it yesterday, pretty. Speaking of Clay, he compares Steve to Ian, the lackluster winner of season 14 who beat Dan thanks to a whiny jury that needed to be slapped. Vanessa pretends to be a DJ.

I thought the people involved in these lame twists were going to be previous houseguests, and many of them probably will be. This week we get Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race, which is actually a nice surprise. And then we get to watch videos of Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel. Oh, that took almost two whole episodes to get to them. Since he keeps taking people from other shows, perhaps he should offer her some people from his show.

Last season, there was a twist not even worthy of Big Brother, the blind date season, which was the worst idea the show has ever had, family edition notwithstanding. So what’s he going to offer us from this terrible season? Jeff & Jackie. Ho hum. They show that clip from when she was a raving lunatic for no reason, though for the most part she seemed normal, but I imagine there will be more of that hot headedness in this environment. They describe themselves as close, but they’re not dating, obviously.

It’s now time for the second HOH competition from the eight houseguests who just joined, minus one person who must sit out. In this case, Vanessa volunteers, and unlike Da’Vonne, she doesn’t even have to ask for them not to nominate her. Rather, someone makes that suggestion on her behalf.

They have to hold on to stakes and not get sucked into the mother ship to which they are tethered. Steve doesn’t want to be blatant, but he also doesn’t want to be an idiot and win. Jason hopes to win so he can perhaps get alpha males to ally with him, and Jackie knows she’s a target based on her pre-existing alliance. Steve is the first one eliminated. He didn’t even need to try to throw it because he had no chance anyway. Unlike Jackie, Jeff is completely fine with being eliminated, hoping that it will make him less of a target. John is the next one out. Then Becky. Jackie looks like she’s about out of it, and then Liz starts to follow her lead. Liz is out next. Jason’s apparently not even struggling, but he makes an offer to Jackie to drop out and not nominate her, which may save her from Jason but doesn’t help her with the other HOH. Jackie is eliminated, having increased the target on her back in the process. Jason wins HOH.

Phil is not done. He tells Vanessa and Da’Vonne that with risk comes reward. And that’s about all he has to say about that.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 1

It’s time for another season of Rigged Big Brother. I just hope they are less blatant about their manipulation than they were in Canada last month, but that seems unlikely.

The Big Brother 17 cast consists of 14 houseguests ages 22-33. If you were hoping for a mom or a Chicken George, you are probably not getting that.

Jace Agolli (23)
Hometown: Dunwoody, Georgia
Current City: Venice Beach, California
Occupation: Personal Trainer

Becky Burgess (26)
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: Retail Manager

Clay Honeycutt (23)
Hometown: Dickinson, Texas
Current City: College Station, Texas
Occupation: Graduate Student (Texas A&M)

James Huling (31)
Hometown: Sumter, South Carolina
Current City: Wichita Falls, Texas
Occupation: Retail Associate

Meg Maley (25)
Hometown: Collingswood, New Jersey
Current City: New York City
Occupation: Server

Austin Matelson (30)
Hometown: Woodland Hills, California
Occupation: Professional Wrestler

John McGuire (28)
Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Current City: Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Dentist

Audrey Middleton (25)
Hometown: Villa Rica, Georgia
Occupation: Digital Media Consultant

Steve Moses (22)
Hometown: Gouverneur, New York
Occupation: College Student

Liz Nolan (23)
Hometown: Miami
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator

Shelli Poole (33)
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Current City: Atlanta
Occupation: Interior Designer

Da’Vonne Rogers (27)
Hometown: Inglewood, California
Current City: Los Angeles
Occupation: Poker Dealer

Vanessa Rousso (32)
Hometown: Las Vegas
Occupation: Professional Poker Player

Jason Roy (25)
Hometown: Fall River, Massachusetts
Current City: Swansea, Massachusetts
Occupation: Supermarket Cashier

There are 16 key slots, leading people to speculate that we are not done finding out who the houseguests are just yet.

Julie warns us that this is the most twisted season yet. Great. How about just let them play the game like season two when it was a lot better?

James was adopted and doesn’t really know his true ethnicity, though the country twang when he speaks is unexpected. Meg thinks her bubbly personality is going to be an asset. Yeah, it’s not. Jace never learns his lesson when he breaks bones. Audrey claims to not be a small town girl, from her hometown of 14,000 people. Austin is a pro wrestler named Judas with a masters degree in medieval romance literature. Clay immediately has all the women fawning over him.

Clay declines to tell people he played college football. I doubt he’s going to keep his shirt on long enough to hide that he’s in shape. Shelli is in luck because he seems to be looking for a MILF. Austin admits to being a pro wrestler and talks about all his injuries, without saying he is healed. Audrey is the first transgender person on this show, and she fully transitioned 3 years ago.

Audrey, Da’Vonne, and Shelli are in an alliance. Already.

The first twist is a fan favorite. Battle of the block. Which fan favorited that?

One person must sit out the first HOH competition. Da’Vonne volunteers, as long as they promise not to nominate her. Go ahead. Nominate her.

The HOH competition is simply to catch tomatoes that are being thrown at them while standing on a platform. Meg, Austin, and Clay all fall within about 30 seconds, knocking out both of the athletes in what could be seen as essentially a sport. As James takes the lead, Austin calls him a tough physical threat. Huh? And then everybody who remains falls at the same time. Lame. After they review the instant replay, James is crowned the winner, as he should be since he was clearly winning anyway.

Now it’s time to reveal a new twist. This won’t be good. BB Takeover is a new twist every single week. Oh, this will be just plain pathetic.

Now there’s another twist. One person has an identical twin, and they will be playing as one houseguest. If they survive the first five evictions, they will both play as individuals. This again, though as twists go, there are a lot worse. This one has the potential to be interesting. But really. We don’t need any more stinking twists.

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