Big Brother 14 Episode 26

Two players who have spent most of the season on the block were finally eliminated in Big Brother 14 Episode 25, as Frank and Joe were both evicted.

Ian says he had to get rid of Frank because he was his biggest threat to winning the game. I’d say Dan’s the biggest threat, only none of these people can see it.

With Frank out the door, Jenn will be retaining her alliance with Dan and Danielle. Even though it was a fake alliance, it’s not like she has any other choice.

Going back to Thursday, it’s revealed that Dan’s actual target may have been Ian. Lucky for Ian this was a live show, meaning a quick and easy to film veto, which in this scenario was a puzzle, the first and likely only veto tailor made to him.

After Ian’s safety was assured, Dan came up with another plan. Target Shane. That fell through, too, as Dan trusts Danielle’s word that he’ll keep him safe. Maybe he will keep Dan safe. But not above her.

Of course, the result of this is that Danielle was the pawn, something she was not expecting. It’s not like anybody will vote her out anyway. Nobody considers her a player. A side effect of this is that Jenn feels lied to as well, but she’s in Danielle’s same boat. She may have been manipulated into making a big move, but she’s only slightly more threatening than Joe was. That said, Ian’s angry that she stayed over Joe, since Jenn’s stronger than Joe, who was both the weakest and most unpredictable link.

Now Dan’s worried. He tried to get rid of Ian and failed, a plan that was revealed to everyone in the house other than Ian. Once Dan’s done talking to Danielle about how worried he is, she immediately tells Shane that he was going to be a nominee.

The HOH competition is a trip down memory lane. They will be asked a series of questions and must get their balls in the numbers based on the day those events happened. For every day they are off, they will receive a penalty point. The player with the fewest penalty points will win.

The first event happened on day 36. Shane knew the answer but is unable to land his ball properly. Ian, however, is spot on. Danielle is off by 13 days, an indication she will not be a factor in this competition. Jenn does better, receiving 3 penalty points. On the second question, Ian receives 1 penalty point, Jenn has a perfect shot, and Shane scores another 2 penalty points. Jenn is way off on the next question, so she joins Danielle in not being a factor. Shane gets 2 penalty points for a total of 6, but Ian’s off by 6 for a total of 7. Shane gets another 3 penalty points for a total of 9, and Ian retakes the lead with a total of 8.

In the final round, Shane forgets that he was the first person to use the power of veto (on himself). Ian remembers this, but because he’s 6 points off anyway, they end up tied. In the tiebreaker, after begging God (who’s a big reality TV fan), Ian wins HOH.

Jenn’s one obvious nominee. The other one has to be a Quack Pack member no matter what. Now it’s just a question of which one. Does Ian target Dan to hide their final two alliance, which he still wishes to keep intact despite the fact that Dan just nominated him? What’s up with Ian sticking to alliances that screw him? Or does he go after the physical threat, Shane, who after a first few weeks of being a big target all of a sudden landed on easy street when the attention shifted toward bigger threats (this is the reason why he needed to keep the targets in the house, rather than eliminate them like he wanted)?

Ian is once again greeted by Pandora’s box, which worked out well for him last time. The TV screen promises a message from someone who loves him. That could potentially be about $100,000 for every minute of video, but it’s a risk Ian’s willing to take. He’s been duped. It’s not a messsage from his parents. Rather, it’s a message from Rachel, last year’s winner. She suggests the most important thing to win the game is think about Brendon. The other houseguests receive messages from their loved ones instead. Between Jessie and now Rachel, Pandora’s box isn’t even seeming all that scary, just annoying.

Danielle is safe.
Dan is safe.
Jenn and Shane have been nominated for eviction.

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