Big Brother 14 Episode 27

Ian won HOH in Big Brother 14 Episode 26 and proceeded to nominate Jenn and Shane. Tonight will be a special eviction night.

With Shane nominated again, Dan, who passed up an easy shot at him last time, has decided that now he still wants to get rid of him.

Danielle says she thinks Shane’s playing her. He’s kissed you twice all season. If he’s playing you, he’s doing a bad job of it. I think Ian’s had more action than she has.

The veto competition requires them to solve a puzzle within 20 seconds, and if they fail to solve it, the board demagnetizes, so they’ll have to fly back and forth between platforms to reset the clock. So the question is whether this is more puzzle or physical. Seeing as Ian’s doing so terribly, the answer seems to be physical. With Frank out of the house, that bodes well for Shane. Ian ends up getting disqualified because his clock runs out a second time after his puzzle is demagnetized, giving him the opportunity to give hints to Shane. Shane wins the power of veto.

Veto winner Shane is allowed to select one person to bring on a luxury reward, and he picks Danielle. They get to leave the house and meet and watch the gold medal US Olympics women’s gymnastics team. Strangely, this seems to have nothing to do with either CBS or a movie they’re trying to promote. Apparently they’re just making the money from the tour’s sponsors. In what is essentially their first date, I think Shane may have just sealed the deal. One of the most critical decisions of the season may well be whether Danielle chooses Shane or Dan, which is precisely why Dan should have gotten rid of him when he had the chance.

At the veto ceremony, Shane removes himself from the block. In Shane’s place, Ian nominates Danielle. His rationale is that he doesn’t want a couple to have both the votes. Is anyone buying this?

Shane: Jenn
Dan: Jenn

By a vote of 2-0, Jenn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. When she gets out of the house, she jumps at the chance to eat peanutbutter and jelly, the punishment have nots used to suffer before this stupid slop nonsense.

A fairly lame alliance with the lamest alliance name ever, minus Britney, survives to the end. Not for lack of trying to turn on each other, though. Just for lack of trying to turn on each other well.

The HOH competition is a series of true or false questions based on photographs of competitions they saw earlier in the day. Everyone gets the first question right. Everyone gets the second question right. Shane and Danielle get the third question right. Shane and Dan get the fourth question right. Danielle and Dan get the fifth question right to make it a three way tie again. Danielle and Dan get the sixth question right. Everyone gets the final question right. Dan and Danielle participate in the tiebreaker question. Dan is off by 42 seconds, but he goes over. Danielle, who is off by over 7 minutes, wins HOH.

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