Big Brother 14 Episode 24

In the typical shift of power that happens every week, Ian became HOH in Big Brother 14 Episode 23 and nominated Frank and Jenn.

Ian warns Joe that if Jenn or Frank come off the block, he will be the replacement nominee. He made a deal to keep Shane and Danielle safe. Not that Shane was exactly in a position to bargain. You say no, and he falls minutes later. Because he intends to keep that deal, he simply does not have any other options than Joe. What about Dan, the guy who ratted you out last week?

Dan does not have any interest in upholding either his alliance with Frank or their final two deal. As Dan does, so does Danielle, not that she needs any encouragement to get rid of Frank.

Ian selects Dan to participate in the veto competition at random. Frank selects Danielle. Jenn selects Joe. This leaves Shane on the sidelines.

Frank seems to have reluctantly but foolishly agreed to throw the competition to Dan. Though the odds of Dan winning a competition don’t seem particularly good, consider who he’s up against.

Otev is back as an alien. They’ll have to search for corn cobs containing the answer to a riddle. This dumb luck is anybody’s game. Fumbling her way toward the mat, Danielle is eliminated first. Ian is eliminated next. Joe is the third one out. Jenn is out fourth.

During the time before the final round, Frank declines to throw the competition to Dan. It would have been smarter to just say he’s going to throw it. Perhaps then Dan would not try too hard. This is an easy one to throw, too, though winning it is not so easy because it’s just about being the first person to accidentally stumble on something. Dan doesn’t know the correct answer, so he’s just going to grab an ear of corn and hope one of his two guesses is correct. Dan narrowly outruns Frank to win the power of veto.

After the competition, Dan makes another final two deal, this time with Ian. That makes three.

Though Dan and Frank don’t want to consider pulling Frank off the block, that won’t prevent it from being raised. Ian suggests saving Frank as a possible option, but it takes about two seconds for Dan to convince him Jenn should come off the block.

At the veto ceremony, Dan pulls Jenn off the block. Ian nominates Joe as the replacement nominee. Dan says he just sealed Frank’s fate without having to get any blood on his hands. What about when you vote to evict him?

Frank’s the clear target here because nobody wants him to be against in the end, which is why they have been trying to get rid of him every single week. On the other side of the coin, Joe’s merely a vote, only useful if he’s on your side (like Shane), and he can’t win anything, including the end game.

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