Big Brother 14 Episode 23

Dan’s plan successfully concluded in Big Brother 14 Episode 22 with Britney’s eviction.

We left off at the start of an endurance competition for HOH. Joe was the first one eliminated at 2 minutes during the commercial break. His punishment is 24 hours of hula hoop boot camp during which he’ll have to hula on command until the music stops. Jenn fell at the end of the live show at 5 minutes.

Ian, whose best friend was brutally stabbed in the back by Dan, still trusts him and wants to reform the Quack Pack, which unanimously voted to get rid of Britney. I guess he has no choice, though, since the other side of the house wants nothing to do with him. This puts Dan, who should be the biggest target in the house, in the position of being the safest person because he has allies in power no matter who wins. Not much need for the winner to be him, then.

Danielle drops at 34 minutes. Dan follows at 42 minutes. Bad news for Frank and Jenn. Though the two who remain are supposedly in an alliance, neither is ready to drop. A struggling Shane asks everybody else for time to talk with Ian alone. After receiving assurance he and Danielle are safe, Shane drops after 1 hour and 56 minutes. Ian wins HOH. How conveniently predictable of BB.

Having sworn on the bible, his wedding ring, and his dead grandfather’s chain that he’s going to the final two with Frank, Dan now heads back to his former team. Does anybody in reality TV actually believe it when someone swears on something? You can just about guarantee they’re going to do the opposite.

Unsurprisingly, Shane and Danielle have not kissed since the pirate ship, during which he agreed to kiss her as incentive to get her to win HOH and keep him safe.

Ian’s mind seems pretty well made up. Frank and Jenn are going to be nominated. He says he’s considering getting rid of Joe, a loose cannon who nobody really trusts, but who at the same time serves as no threat socially, strategically, or in any competition of any sort.

Tempting fate, Ian decides to open Pandora’s box. Everything under the Christmas tree is his to keep, while the rest of the house gets the punishment. Yes, Jesse is back. In addition to talking about how great he is, he takes all their sweets.

Shane is safe.
Danielle is safe.
Joe is safe.
Dan is safe.
Frank and Jenn have been nominated for eviction.

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