Big Brother 14 Episode 28

Jenn was evicted in Big Brother 14 Episode 27, then Danielle won HOH.

The veto holder is the one with the true power. Unless that person is the HOH, whoever wins the veto will cast the sole vote to evict.

Ian is under the impression that it’s 2 against 2. What he fails to realize is that Dan has deals with everyone in the house and for that matter has had deals with the majority of the house for weeks, including more than one he’s sent packing.

Rather than forcing Danielle to choose, Dan tells her to go ahead and nominate him alongside Ian. His hope is that Shane will feel comfortable and will be willing to do whatever she wants, and what she wants will be whatever Dan tells her.

Shane is safe.
Dan and Ian have been nominated for eviction.

We now take our first trip to the jury house. They all seem to have received the hint that Dan’s going to win, though they’re not all happy about it. Britney respects that he’s playing a great game, but Frank’s particularly bitter.

At the veto competition, they must match clues about the season with the houseguests. Each houseguest will be linked to two clues. Ian is the first one to buzz in. He thinks he must have missed a question or two. Or seven. Shane’s first attempt is no more successful. Ian narrows it down to 3 wrong. Then he makes things worse. On Danielle’s first attempt, she only has 2 wrong. Dan’s doing just as badly as the other guys. Fixing her mistake, Danielle wins the power of veto.

Danielle should keep things the same, though Dan hopes to convince her to use the veto on him. If they’re smart, they’ll get rid of Dan, but it doesn’t seem like they will be. In either case, whoever doesn’t go home is the odds on favorite to win.

Dan lets Danielle know he doesn’t trust Shane. In turn, Shane’s clearly the more trustworthy of the two, so if her goal is to keep Shane safe, giving Dan the power is not the smart way to do that.

I’m not sure I understand why Dan would want to compete in the finals against Ian rather than Shane, but it all comes down to the fact that he has final two deals with Danielle and Ian but not with Shane.

At the veto ceremony, Danielle uses the power of veto to save Dan. Shane is the only person who can be his replacement nominee.

With the veto around his neck, Dan is the only person who will be casting a vote tonight. By a vote of 1-0, Shane has been evicted from the Big Brother house. It may be a scum move, but at the end of the day, Dan just won even more points with the jury members voting for who’s playing the best game. The only question is whether the game is too unnecessarily aggressive, just making big moves for the sake of making big moves.

Danielle’s angry that Dan broke her trust. Again. She has nobody to blame but herself. Shane would have done as she pleased. Dan has proved repeatedly he’s in it for himself. To be fair to him, though, he may have screwed her over a lot, but he has ultimately been a driving force at carrying her forward without directly harming her (emotional distress notwithstanding).

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