Big Brother 14 Episode 22

Among the most compelling series of events in recent BB memory, Dan flipped the game on its head and somehow managed to save himself in Big Brother 14 Episode 21 by using one of the craziest strategies I’ve ever seen. He told the truth (aside from the part where he for seemingly no reason ripped apart his closest ally, though there was a method to that madness, however unnecessary it may have seemed). It’s moves like this that separate coaches/winners Boogie and Dan from Janelle and Britney. Dan’s cold, calculating, strategic stroke of evil genius is how the game’s supposed to be played.

Ian had been playing well and was looking like a favorite to win this whole thing, but he blew it when he revealed his secret to Boogie and then proceeded to try and fail to get rid of Frank. His carelessness has come back to bite him, and he ain’t happy. He says that he will get revenge because his allegiance to Frank is now gone. Yeah, I noticed it was gone two or three weeks ago.

Britney warns Dan that it’s important to her, as a jury member, how he treats people. She then goes to talk to Frank, sarcastically saying she was responsible for Shane’s and Ian’s nominations. She was.

Shane’s put in the middle. He has to choose between his coach and the most tepid showmance ever. Joe agrees to vote however he wants.

Of course, Dan hasn’t exactly escaped this unscathed. His target, which should have been bigger than it was, is growing. If Britney’s going down, she’ll keep swinging at him, right until the very end.

Dan: Britney
Jenn: Britney
Ian: Danielle
Shane: Britney
Joe: Britney

By a vote of 4-1, Britney has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She seemed to be in the strongest position, but it all collapsed with just one move, her control that made her such a big threat ultimately being her downfall. The other casualty is Ian, who remains to the end a lone wolf in sheep’s clothing.

America has voted, and 51% of the voters have decided to give a punishment to the first person eliminated in this endurance HOH competition, which has them holding on ropes and going in circles. As we conclude the live show, less than 5 minutes after the competition started, Joe has already fallen. Jenn falls, too. This doesn’t look like it will last very long. Want to know who wins HOH before Sunday’s show? Check out the BB14 spoilers.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 21

After power changed sides again in Big Brother 14 Episode 20 with Frank’s HOH win, he nominated Dan and Danielle.

Dan’s plan is to try to convince Ian to use his second first power of veto on himself. After speaking to Britney, his new hope becomes that Frank’s idiotic move of not nominating Ian is his saving grace because they can potentially control both vetoes and the vote.

Frank picks Shane to participate in the veto competition at random. Danielle picks Britney. Dan picks Jenn as houseguest’s choice, leaving Joe on the sidelines.

The veto competition involves DrawSomething, which apparently is something by Zynga that people pay that is not Farmville, though judging by Zynga’s stock price that resembles Facebook’s downhill slope I thought people stopped playing that, too. Both Dan and Danielle are supposed to throw this competition, but Dan says he will try for a change. Their challenge is to watch drawings as they appear on the screen and buzz in with the correct word based on the picture and available letters, then perform the punishment described. Shane says that since this is about drawning and spelling, you can count him out.

Frank spells avocado then dyes himself green to score 2 points. Dan gets the word hunger right, and Britney is not happy. He must eat two out of four gross food items for 5 points. Jenn spells clock, which gives her 90 seconds to take off some of her clothes and burn them for 4 points. Britney spells shackle and chooses to be shackled to Danielle for 24 hours to earn 6 points. Frank agrees to a chum shower every time an alarm sounds for 24 hours to earn 7 points for a total of 9. Then he agrees to wear a carrot costume for a week to earn an additional 3 points. Frank’s next punishment is to sit out of the HOH competition the next time he is elligible, which would mark two weeks in a row since he can’t compete next week as the current HOH. This brings his total to 22. Danielle is a human canvas for two minutes, finally getting on the board with 6 points. Dan agrees to take a 24 hour trip to a solitary dance party to earn 8 points for a total of 13 and even more wrath from Britney.

The final drawing is worth 11 points. Britney buzzes in. Frank tells her the answer, but because only the Big Brother producers are allowed to blatantly cheat in competitions, he is disqualified. This puts Dan in the lead and means that anyone other than Shane can still win, whereas before it was a two horse race. In the last final question, Britney buzzes in first again, but she does not know again. Jenn buzzes in next and accepts the biggest punishment of the game, to eat slop for the rest of the summer (about three weeks), which brings her score to 15 points. Jenn wins the power of veto, hoping to prove to Frank he’s not alone.

Dan has a bit of a meltdown, but there’s no time for him to play the game now because he has a day of solitary confinement ahead of him first. During that time, he plans to think of how he can get himself out of this hole he dug by playing a bad game.

Dan comes out of his 24 whole hours alone looking like somebody died. He gives a speech welcoming us to his Big Brother funeral, causing everybody to cry. After all of his glowing and positive comments to everybody else, he tells Danielle she is dead to him, turning her tears into shock and horror.

As Danielle cries to Shane, Dan goes upstairs to chat with Frank. He reveals everything that went down with the Quack Pack and their mole Ian. Better late than never I suppose. Of course, this entirely true story is all the more believeable seeing as Ian stupidly told Boogie he could not be trusted then proceeded to nominate Frank. But Britney’s more dangerous, so Dan wants her out next. It’s not like anybody else is going to nominate her seeing as they’re all just doing everything she says. Also, Dan has never done anything directly against Frank, unlike all the people who have nominated and voted against him. As much as Frank has been trying to get Dan out of the house, nobody would ever suspect them of working together. Frank suggests taking it a step further and making this a four person alliance of them plus Jenn and Danielle. Dan swears on the bible to a final two deal.

Now, having blindsided and shattered Danielle previously, Dan has to tell her it was all just an act to save both of them, which he may have just done. He wanted her to have real emotions, which is why he didn’t tell her. Hardly seems necessary seeing as she was already crying for some time before he even mentioned her name. But his hope is that her sympathy meter is too high for anybody to want to vote her out.

In order for this plan to work, Jenn must use the veto to save Dan.

Ian decides not to use his power of veto. However, Jenn uses her veto to save Dan. In his place, Britney has been nominated, and Frank states this move of nominating the person who Ian has made it clear is his closest ally is revenge for him being a traitor.

I’m not sure they have the votes with Ian and Shane in Britney’s pocket and Joe as always somewhere in the middle, but Dan may have just pulled off the biggest move of the season. In Danielle’s favor is the fact that she’s not a threat, and everybody likes her, including her showmance of sorts Shane. Regardless of the vote, pulling himself off the block when all hope seemed to be lost was a great move, right up there with the Janelle backdoor. About time, too, because this former winner, the only one to ever win by a unanimous vote, has played a very lackluster game, especially over the last couple of weeks when he was one of the puppy dogs following Britney’s instructions on what seemed to be an inevitable path toward her winning the game.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 20

A double eviction night started with the elimination of Mike Boogie in Big Brother 14 Episode 19. After that, Ian, who did so well keeping the secret until then, insisted on making an enemy out of Frank but failed to finish the job, instead getting stuck with eliminating Ashley after he won HOH.

Ian blames Britney for his nomations blowing up in his face. The problem with all of these guys is that they are playing Britney’s game, which is just screwing every last one of them over while she laughs her way to the bank.

Shane, having nominated Frank twice, evicted his closest ally, and destroyed the Silent Six alliance, is the first person Frank wants to talk to. Oh, sure, trust him and Britney again. This is the definition of insanity. Not having learned his lesson from what that went down last week, he still blames Dan for everything. Before the HOH competition, Britney makes a deal with Frank to keep him safe, which she doesn’t plan to honor, but it’s not like it matters because some other idiot will be getting the blood on their hands anyway.

The HOH competition has them using strings to raise balls and try to get them into the hole with the highest score. Danielle scores 8. Frank gets 5. Shane scores 17. Jenn scores 6. Joe scores 10. Britney gets 7. Dan tries to go for broke, and broke is what he gets, scoring a 1. These scores create the rankings for the head-to-head portion of the competition, and the lower the score they had in the first round, the more people they must beat. This is a double edged sword because they may have to beat more people, but it also gives them multiple opportunities to perfect the technique.

The head-to-head round has them competing to get their balls to the hole at the top first. Frank beats Dan. His next competitor is Jenn. Frank beats Jenn and moves on to go against Britney. With another easy win, Frank moves on to compete against Danielle. Once again, Frank wins and is now matched up against Joe. After another lopsided victory, Frank moves on to the final battle against Shane. Frank wins HOH.

Seeing as the entire house just tried to get him out, it would be safe to say that anybody could be his target, but Frank’s been hell bent on getting rid of Dan for weeks. To kick things off, he nominates Dan as the lone have not for the week.

Before we get to nominations, it’s time for pandora’s box. Frank is greeted with a lot of dollar signs. He decides to open it. Inside he does indeed have the opportunity to win some cash of varying denominations up to $10,000: $1.05, $7.11, and lastly $3333.33. So what’s the catch? A second veto will be unleashed into the house. They have to get 50 cents from the falling balls with which they will be able to use the crane to fetch a veto ball from the box in the arcade room. Dan fails then lies about it, saying he won so the others stop searching for a while. Ian fails. Britney snags the ball, gets oh so close, then loses it. Dan meets the same fate. Ian’s next attempt is successful, ensuring himself safety after his boneheaded moves last week.

With Ian having won this special veto, Frank says he might not nominate Dan right away. He asks about putting Ian up against Danielle, knowing that Ian will remove himself, allowing Dan to be backdoored and forcing Ian to use the veto on himself rather than using it to remove Dan. Ian looks at Britney. Apparently, he is incapable of coming up with an answer on his own.

Britney does not like this plan to force Ian to waste his veto. She’d much rather have two vetos in play on their side, thereby saving the entire alliance and making Frank waste his week by eliminating someone like Joe or Jenn.

Jenn is safe.
Ian is safe.
Joe is safe.
Britney is safe.
Shane is safe.
Dan and Danielle have been nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 19

After Frank won the veto in Big Brother 14 Episode 18, Shane named Jenn as the replacement nominee. So it’s Boogie, winner of All Stars and member of the most notorious alliance in Big Brother history, up against someone who I wasn’t even sure was still in the house until last night. Good luck with that. In addition to one of them evicted, before the hour is over, someone else will follow that person out the door, as tonight is a double eviction night.

Jenn promises to be a force to be reckoned with. I am scared.

Immediately after the veto ceremony, Ian tells Boogie and Frank this is not going to be an easy decision.

As the rest of the house argues, Dan just sits there reading the only reading material allowed in the house, the bible. Ian takes a front row seat to watch the chaos.

Ashley: Jenn
Britney: Boogie
Joe: Boogie
Frank: Jenn
Dan: Boogie
Ian: Boogie
Danielle: Boogie

By a vote of 5-2, Mike Boogie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. The coach twist, which he alone didn’t want to end, bit him. His main problem is that he chose to back one horse far more than the other two, leaving them in a position to desire to flip. His parting words: Ian is not to be trusted. A little late for that. Still, he can appreciate that Ian got the best of him.

At long last, one of Shane’s nominees has been eliminated. Four of them are still in the house.

The HOH competition is before or after. Ashley is out on the first question. Joe, Jenn, and Dan are eliminated on the second question. Frank is out on the next question, putting him in a very dangerous position. Nobody is wrong on the fourth question. Britney is out on the next question. In the tiebreaker question, both Ian and Danielle are ridiculously over, but as the least far from the mark, Ian wins HOH.

Frank and Ashley have been nominated for eviction. A former partner and a former showmance. With friends like Ian, who needs enemies? He would have been better off handing that HOH to Danielle, though with an answer as high as he gave, perhaps that’s what he was trying to do.

Joe, Danielle, and Shane join the HOH and the nominees in the veto competition. They will have to retrieve two clovers and a veto symbol from ball pits. Ian is the first to grab a clover. Frank gets one, followed by Joe. Then Danielle and Shane get on the board. Frank finds a second clover. Then he gets the veto symbol. Frank wins the power of veto. Oops. That didn’t work.

Frank pulls himself off the block. Ian nominates Joe as the replacement nominee.

Who do you eliminate between these two? Neither is a threat, making this arguably a complete waste of an HOH, particularly for someone who just made a big enemy and whose alliance no longer has any use for him. It’s the big mouth up against the little Bambi deer.

Jenn: Ashley
Shane: Ashley
Britney: Ashley
Frank: Joe
Danielle: Ashley
Dan: Ashley

By a vote of 5-1, Ashley has been evicted from the Big Brother house, and she is the first member of the jury. This was just silly, but better than making an unnecessary big move. This alliance will have to turn on itself within the next week, but there was no need for it to happen just yet.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 18

The ill-fated from the beginning alliance was officially flushed down the drain in Big Brother 14 Episode 17 when Shane nominated Frank and Boogie.

Rather than take credit or blame or give any reason for the nominations, Shane gives the most ridiculous nomination speech in history. He later blames it on influence from other people. Like Joe and… people in this house.

He declines to throw Dan or Ian under the bus, but he does reluctantly admit the obvious that Britney’s pulling his strings. She’s upset that her name is mentioned, as she thought this was going to be a week in which she would not get any blood on her hands, which is why she (like the other coaches) did not even try to win HOH. In turn, Shane’s not happy that she expects him to take all the blame (again). Upon hearing this, Britney goes downstairs to talk to Boogie and Frank, and she lets Shane know he’s not welcome to participate in their conversation.

Frank returns to his mindset from last week. He doesn’t trust Dan again/still. Britney only helps to cement this by refusing to reveal her super reliable secret source. As these people all look like idiots, they continue to protect their mole, who is just skating by with no enemies and no target from either side of the house nor anyone in the middle. Dan’s just about fed up with him, though.

Shane picks Jenn at random to play in the veto competition. Boogie picks Ian as houseguest’s choice. Frank picks Ashley as houseguest’s choice. Frank and Boogie just got lucky by ending up in a competition with the three weakest competitors in the house. Granted, they still have to beat Shane.

They see candy everywhere. They’ll have to figure out how much candy is in larger containers based on how much candy is in smaller containers. Ian plans to throw this game of dumb luck. Historically, the trick here has been to just keep folding and watch all the people who are making an effort get booted.

Frank, Shane, and Boogie stay, while Ashley and Jenn with their ridiculous answers fold, as does Ian. Frank scores a point, but Boogie is narrowly eliminated. Ashley continues with her strategy that cannot be explained in our Earth logic, and she folds, with Ian (who would have been eliminated had he not folded) following suit. Frank gets another point, and Jenn is eliminated. Frank goes over the top this time and folds, and as usual Ashley folds as well. Shane gets a point, and Ian has been eliminated. Frank comes up with a huge number, but this time he’s right about it. He didn’t need to fold but does anyway. Despite being off by 13,000, Ashley gets a point, while Shane is off by even more and is eliminated. She is very pleased with her pretty lollipop point. Frank is correct on the next counting question and wins the power of veto.

Boogie hopes to rally the floaters to get Dan nominated in Frank’s place. The other side made a big move too early, and there are enough votes to turn the tables. He also wants to convince Britney to get onboard so that she can again tell Shane what to do. He should just stick to talking, though, as the fake tears aren’t going to work.

At the veto ceremony, Frank removes himself from the block. The replacement nominee is Jenn. It’s perhaps the most dangerous player in the house against the most invisible.

Shane has now nominated half the players in the house. Maybe this week one of them will actually be eliminated. Wonder if that question mark will blow up in his face.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 17

Wil was eliminated in Big Brother 14 Episode 16, leading up to an endurance competition for HOH.

The first thing I notice about the HOH competition is that there are three coaches left in the house. How many of them are trying to win HOH? Zero. That should send a message to the newbies, but I don’t get the sense any of them is smart enough for it to click.

To nobody’s surprise, Boogie is going for the $10,000, which he’s pretty much guaranteed to win because nobody else wants the cash. Britney, Joe, Dan, Jenn, and Ashley compete for safety. Only 3 houseguests out of 9 are actually trying to win HOH: Danielle, Shane, and Ian.

Danielle’s falling a lot, and Ian is as well, complete with his own sound effects. That makes it easy for Shane to coast right to the HOH prize.

Britney, who doesn’t look like she has fallen at all, is killing the others in the safety battle, which she ends up winning. The others can now switch to HOH, but Shane is more than 1/3 of the way to his goal by that point. In the meantime, Mike Boogie wins the cash prize, bringing his total for the season to $16k.

Had he not started off going for safety, Dan might have had a shot at this. Shane falls about half way through, and he starts to slow down as a result. But it’s not enough for Dan to catch him. Shane wins HOH.

Frank considering nominating Dan, though he did not do so, is sufficient excuse for him to be nominated, and if he were nominated, alongside him would be his coach Boogie.

Normally when the HOH room is unveiled, everybody pretends to care, even though they really don’t. Frank and Jenn are in bed and don’t join the party, though Jenn at least goes upstairs to say a few words.

Boogie thinks he can still trust Ian, but everything he tells Ian just gets back to Britney. With that, Boogie’s question of whether Ian would nominate Britney or Shane if by some miracle he were to win HOH gets into Britney’s ear. As if she needed more ammo for the Boogie/Frank nomination, she gets some more. Shane’s worried that he gets blood on his hands, which she honestly understands. That would explain why she didn’t even try to win HOH, nor can she really be faulted for not doing so since she has other alliance members who are stupid enough to take the hit.

Now that Frank and Ashley have made out, Ian finally makes another move and asks her out on a second date. She realizes that they’re just friends, which isn’t going to change even if Frank gets eliminated this week.

Shane talks to Joe, who tells him he’s onboard with whatever plans he has and will even jump in front of a bus if necessary, though I don’t see any buses in the Big Brother house.

Ian believes that, in a game of good vs. evil, he would be on the evil team. Villains don’t tend to name their alliance Quack Pack.

Prior to nomiations, they find a box with balls and a question mark inside. Britney assures Shane there’s no chance this will impact nominations. Really, no chance?

Britney has safety.
Danielle is safe.
Dan is safe.
Jenn is safe.
Ashley is safe.
Joe is safe.
Ian is safe.
Boogie and Frank have been nominated for eviction.

So much for that alliance.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 16

Much drama led us nowhere in Big Brother 14 Episode 15 as Joe and Wil remained on the block.

Frank just kept his alliance all safe. So what’s the first thing they do? Talk about how they have to win HOH because they can’t trust him. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea to trash his alliance. But not by going after Dan. Britney’s doing the most talking, and lopping Shane’s head off would isolate her.

Not waiting around for Ian to make another move and wanting to get some information about Wil’s safety, Ashley asks Frank out on an ice cream date. During the date, Frank asks her to make out on the couch for a while. Somehow, this works, and she seems to have forgotten all about Wil.

Wil continues to talk about one big group getting ready to pick him off. He’s not doing himself any favors.

Jeff is back minus Jordan, but they’re living together now. He’s pulling for Ian, as the strong players tend to go strong for a while then get it in the back at the end.

Ashley: Joe
Boogie: Wil
Danielle: Wil
Jenn: Joe
Dan: Wil
Britney: Wil
Shane: Wil
Ian: Wil

Ashley remains loyal, but it’s largely symbolic, while Jenn is just as in the dark as Joe was last week. By a vote of 6-2, Wil has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

The HOH competition will have them running back and forth on a slippery path to fill jugs with a cup. This should last a while. In addition to HOH, immunity and $10,000 are also up for grabs should they opt to forgo the power. 5 people have already decided they don’t want to be HOH. Boogie is the only person going for the cash, while 4 people (Ashley, Joe, Britney, and Dan) have decided to go for safety, leaving 4 people (Danielle, Jenn, Shane, and Ian) to compete for HOH. Britney and Dan may have talked tough about going after Boogie and Frank, but they’re not stupid enough to get blood on their own hands. Let one of the idiot newbies do that instead, most likely one of their partners.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 15

Frank predictably nominated Joe and Wil in Big Brother 14 Episode 14.

Dan’s relieved that he’s not nominated, but he still doesn’t trust his alliance members.

Since Wil has an attitude problem, Frank and Boogie now want to team up with Joe. They want him to keep his cool and keep his mouth shut. Good luck with that.

Shane continues to talk about how he doesn’t want a showmance. I might believe you if you’d stop kissing her.

Wil hopes to get Danielle’s support by telling her a sob story. It seems to be working at gaining her sympathy, but I can’t see her wanting to go against the rest of the house on that basis.

Frank picks Jenn at random to play in the veto competition. Joe picks the injured Ashley as houseguest’s choice because he doesn’t trust anybody. Wil calls this selfish, but it’s not like she has to play if she doesn’t want to/can’t. She just has to dress in a stupid costume and show up. Wil chooses Boogie, who would have been his last pick.

Zingbot tells Ashley that it’s too bad her smile, which lights up the room, is the only thing about her that’s bright. He asks Britney to tell him more about the charity she gave half a million dollars to, The Brigade. Little orphan Annie wants Frank to stop stealing her hairdo. Shane’s going to require a restraining order for Danielle once the season ends, which is funny because it’s true.

After zinging everybody, Zingbot brings them to the backyard for the veto competition. Their job is to bring baby Zingbot to life, which requires them to build a pipeline through gateways, then guide an orb through the pipe and into a transformer. Boogie helps Ian, while Britney helps Shane (with a puzzle, really, Shane?). None of this help seem to be working for either of them, but everybody else is just as clueless. Except for Frank, who’s making steady progress. He ends up winning the power of veto and unleashing Zingbot 4000.

Frank’s win gives the rest of the house more time to sweat. They say they can’t trust Frank, but it seems he shouldn’t trust them either.

Wil thinks he should get a bigger target out. Back to this again. If Frank takes out a big target, he in turn becomes a bigger target, when he’s already painted a big bullseye on his forehead. Even taking out Wil is a risk, but at least Wil has made it clear he can’t be trusted. He gains the support of Ashley and Jenn to go upstairs to see if Frank is willing to target Dan. As much as Frank does not trust Dan, Boogie’s been able to talk some sense into him against going down that path just yet.

Since Ian’s working both sides or at least thinks he is, he digs up information for his alliance with a stupid name, and Frank mentions Dan as a potential target. Ian tells Danielle and Britney, trusting that the information will go no further.

Frank’s main defense of Dan being a threat is that Dan wanted to vote against him. Who didn’t?

At the veto ceremony, Frank chooses not to change his nominations.

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