Big Brother 14 Episode 21

After power changed sides again in Big Brother 14 Episode 20 with Frank’s HOH win, he nominated Dan and Danielle.

Dan’s plan is to try to convince Ian to use his second first power of veto on himself. After speaking to Britney, his new hope becomes that Frank’s idiotic move of not nominating Ian is his saving grace because they can potentially control both vetoes and the vote.

Frank picks Shane to participate in the veto competition at random. Danielle picks Britney. Dan picks Jenn as houseguest’s choice, leaving Joe on the sidelines.

The veto competition involves DrawSomething, which apparently is something by Zynga that people pay that is not Farmville, though judging by Zynga’s stock price that resembles Facebook’s downhill slope I thought people stopped playing that, too. Both Dan and Danielle are supposed to throw this competition, but Dan says he will try for a change. Their challenge is to watch drawings as they appear on the screen and buzz in with the correct word based on the picture and available letters, then perform the punishment described. Shane says that since this is about drawning and spelling, you can count him out.

Frank spells avocado then dyes himself green to score 2 points. Dan gets the word hunger right, and Britney is not happy. He must eat two out of four gross food items for 5 points. Jenn spells clock, which gives her 90 seconds to take off some of her clothes and burn them for 4 points. Britney spells shackle and chooses to be shackled to Danielle for 24 hours to earn 6 points. Frank agrees to a chum shower every time an alarm sounds for 24 hours to earn 7 points for a total of 9. Then he agrees to wear a carrot costume for a week to earn an additional 3 points. Frank’s next punishment is to sit out of the HOH competition the next time he is elligible, which would mark two weeks in a row since he can’t compete next week as the current HOH. This brings his total to 22. Danielle is a human canvas for two minutes, finally getting on the board with 6 points. Dan agrees to take a 24 hour trip to a solitary dance party to earn 8 points for a total of 13 and even more wrath from Britney.

The final drawing is worth 11 points. Britney buzzes in. Frank tells her the answer, but because only the Big Brother producers are allowed to blatantly cheat in competitions, he is disqualified. This puts Dan in the lead and means that anyone other than Shane can still win, whereas before it was a two horse race. In the last final question, Britney buzzes in first again, but she does not know again. Jenn buzzes in next and accepts the biggest punishment of the game, to eat slop for the rest of the summer (about three weeks), which brings her score to 15 points. Jenn wins the power of veto, hoping to prove to Frank he’s not alone.

Dan has a bit of a meltdown, but there’s no time for him to play the game now because he has a day of solitary confinement ahead of him first. During that time, he plans to think of how he can get himself out of this hole he dug by playing a bad game.

Dan comes out of his 24 whole hours alone looking like somebody died. He gives a speech welcoming us to his Big Brother funeral, causing everybody to cry. After all of his glowing and positive comments to everybody else, he tells Danielle she is dead to him, turning her tears into shock and horror.

As Danielle cries to Shane, Dan goes upstairs to chat with Frank. He reveals everything that went down with the Quack Pack and their mole Ian. Better late than never I suppose. Of course, this entirely true story is all the more believeable seeing as Ian stupidly told Boogie he could not be trusted then proceeded to nominate Frank. But Britney’s more dangerous, so Dan wants her out next. It’s not like anybody else is going to nominate her seeing as they’re all just doing everything she says. Also, Dan has never done anything directly against Frank, unlike all the people who have nominated and voted against him. As much as Frank has been trying to get Dan out of the house, nobody would ever suspect them of working together. Frank suggests taking it a step further and making this a four person alliance of them plus Jenn and Danielle. Dan swears on the bible to a final two deal.

Now, having blindsided and shattered Danielle previously, Dan has to tell her it was all just an act to save both of them, which he may have just done. He wanted her to have real emotions, which is why he didn’t tell her. Hardly seems necessary seeing as she was already crying for some time before he even mentioned her name. But his hope is that her sympathy meter is too high for anybody to want to vote her out.

In order for this plan to work, Jenn must use the veto to save Dan.

Ian decides not to use his power of veto. However, Jenn uses her veto to save Dan. In his place, Britney has been nominated, and Frank states this move of nominating the person who Ian has made it clear is his closest ally is revenge for him being a traitor.

I’m not sure they have the votes with Ian and Shane in Britney’s pocket and Joe as always somewhere in the middle, but Dan may have just pulled off the biggest move of the season. In Danielle’s favor is the fact that she’s not a threat, and everybody likes her, including her showmance of sorts Shane. Regardless of the vote, pulling himself off the block when all hope seemed to be lost was a great move, right up there with the Janelle backdoor. About time, too, because this former winner, the only one to ever win by a unanimous vote, has played a very lackluster game, especially over the last couple of weeks when he was one of the puppy dogs following Britney’s instructions on what seemed to be an inevitable path toward her winning the game.

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