America’s Got Talent Season 7 Episode 27

The first group of semifinalists performed in America’s Got Talent Season 7 Episode 26. Tonight three acts will advance to the finals.

Turf, Joe Castillo, and the Scott Brothers are up first. All three acts received the accusation from Howard that they were too similar to their previous performances. The clear winner of this lot is Joe Castillo, though, and he is the first of tonight’s top four acts.

Andrew de Leon, William Close, and Academy of Villains is the next trio. The judges may have given William the boost he needed, but Academy of Villains is the most talented dance act of the series. William Close is the next of the top four acts.

Donovan & Rebecca, Todd Oliver, and Edon are the next group. I potentially like Todd Oliver the most, but was not as impressed by him last night as the wild card act. Still, he advances to the top four. Howie’s happy that variety seems to be rising, unlike most seasons when some lame singer wins.

Eric Dittelman, Bria Kelly, and Tom Cotter are the final group. I was expecting both Dittelman and Tom to make the finals, but I suspect America connected more to Tom’s humor than the mysterious mind reading. Tom Cotter is the last of tonight’s top four acts.

William Close is the first act to advance to the finals. Tom Cotter also advances. The judges will now choose between the other two. Howard votes for Todd Oliver. Sharon votes for Joe. Howie breaks the tie by voting for Joe Castillo.

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  1. I thought Todd Oliver did well; not quite AS well as previously, but I thought he was funny. Actually, I thought he was funnier than the other comedian, Tom Cotter. I suppose Howie thought it wouldn’t be fair for two comics to be in the top three. I think it isn’t fair they only have three moving on, it should be four.

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