Big Brother 14 Episode 5

Frank narrowly escaped eviction against Kara in Big Brother 14 Episode 4, so of course shortly thereafter he became the new HOH.

Ashley says she got rid of Kara because Kara was just going to fly under the radar, which she doesn’t like because that’s her strategy. A dull strategy, but a safe one.

Even Britney has accepted the fact that her player Willie is a sinking ship and needs to go.

Not having much of a team any more nor an alliance with Boogie, Dan sends Danielle to partner with Janelle. She’d rather have a showmance with Shane.

Ian wants to have a slop date with Ashley. She likes nerdy guys, which in the Big Brother house gives her one option. This is as odd a couple as they come, but the date seems to go fine.

The coaches have to compete on balance beams while wearing ridiculous clothes that are apparently supposed to be 90s hip hop (was there hip hop then?). They have to transfer all their cash one brick at a time from one side to the other. Britney, the only one who would actually want to get rid of one of her players, takes a big early lead, but she drops some of her cash, which is instant elimination. Dan has no interest in winning because he wants to be seen as the weak coach (tough sell), which makes it a competition between Boogie and Janelle. Boogie wins by a couple stacks. Or does he? He jumps off, then he hits the button. Disqualified. Janelle wins by default, which she takes to mean the comp queen is back in the house.

After winning, Janelle declines to trade one of her players. Instead, she opts to keep Ashley safe. Willie, Jojo, Shane, and Ian are have nots, the latter two for a second week in a row. In addition to slop, they get pork rinds and pudding.

Willie wants to round up his old team, but Britney vetoes it. Shane refuses to talk to him, but Jojo has to be told no. Britney rides Willie, who in turn goes upstairs to confront the people in the HOH room to tell them he messed it up so don’t take it out on others. I’m still not sure what he did to end up in this position, but Willie’s quickly becoming the leper of the house.

He assumes he’s out anyway, and not only does everybody hate him, but now not a soul will talk to him, which in such a confined environment where all there is to do is talk could get problematic real quick. So if he’s going down, he’s going down swinging. Joe says something to him in passing, which leads to shouting and a headbutt. Violence is a sure way to get kicked off a reality show, and so officially ends Willie’s game. Hopefully this is the last Hantz family member CBS has in store for us.

Britney and her players think he should have stuck around to continue to be walked on. Now they’re screwed because it would seem the target that was previously on Willie shifts to Jojo and Shane, which ironically enough is exactly what they were trying to avoid by saying they can’t talk to him any more.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 4

Shane won the veto and opted not to use it in Big Brother 14 Episode 3, helping to ensure conflict between the ill-fated and already outnumbered Boogie/Dan alliance.

Frank thinks Willie is the key for him to stay in the house, and Willie tells him he doesn’t have to worry because he’s safe. He doesn’t need to do much talking to convince his already convinced teammates to get rid of Kara. Janelle goes to Dan to tell him the plan, in full view of the rest of the house.

Britney’s starting to suspect that the coaches will somehow make their way into the game at some point. There are too few players for too many weeks. She tells this to Willie and makes him swear not to tell anybody. So he calls a house meeting with no coaches allowed.

The plan for votes, as if there’s a hidden immunity idol in play, is for the votes to be split so that it doesn’t look like the blonde side is working together. Hearing this, Frank has decided he doesn’t trust Willie. I would have thought him nominating you was the first hint.

Not content with Willie’s reassurances that he’s safe, Frank starts to talk about Willie to the others. Yelling ensues, and Boogie latches on to stir the pot further.

Ian says the house is living up to his expectations, and he has hasn’t been bored once. How is that possible? There’s really not much to do but talk and talk and talk. You really need to love the sound of your own voice.

Danielle: Frank
Shane: Frank
Joe: Kara
Ian: Kara
Jojo: Frank
Jenn: Kara
Wil: Kara
Ashley: Kara

By a vote of 5-3, Kara has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Frank’s alternate strategy of branding Willie a bully seems to have worked, as only Willie’s and Kara’s teammates ended up voting against him.

Kara’s eviction brings Dan down to just 1 person left. This seems to make him a useless coach, until such time as somebody needs a swing vote.

The preparation for the HOH competition will go on all night. Each time they are awakened, they watch breaking news reports about a burglar in the house. The competition tests whether they have paid attention. Everybody gets the first question right. Shane is eliminated on the second question. Everybody other than Wil and Frank are out on the third question. Because of the way the burglar was sitting, I got that wrong, and I just watched it. They are both incorrect on the next question. They are both correct on the next question. Wil is incorrect, and Frank is the new HOH as the power swings, as it always conveniently does.

Boogie promises loyalty to those who kept Frank safe. Words are cheap in the Big Brother house, but Frank targeting Willie and one other person from his team seems like a pretty logical guess.

Julie has some news for the coaches. The winner of this week’s competition can either keep one of their players safe or trade one of their players (anyone other than the HOH). Britney may wish to offload one of her liabilities, but other than that, I’m not seeing a compelling reason to switch.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 3

In spite of his claims to be playing his own game and not that of his coach, Willie fell in line behind the blonde alliance in Big Brother 14 Episode 2 and betrayed his new ally Frank to nominate him alongside Kara.

Willie says he doesn’t intend to get Frank out of this game. Rather, he intends to get Boogie out of this house. I’m not sure you can separate the two, but in any event, Big Brother has a simple rule. If you don’t want somebody to be eliminated, don’t nominate them.

Ian reveals his talent. He can kick himself in his face. That could come in handy.

Willie chooses Danielle at random to play in the veto, Kara selects Shane, and Frank picks Wil. Shane gives false hope to both the nominees.

On day 6, Boogie goes to talk to Britney. Her response to him: nice to meet you. This talk leaves her discussing how much he sucks at this game. Coming from the girl who got duped by an alliance of clowns. Realizing this hasn’t worked, Boogie approaches Janelle to toss Dan under the bus, which she in turn tells Dan. Dan’s worried about Boogie now, rightfully so, but already a man downn, he’s going to need to find some alternate way through this game if it’s not with Boogie.

Their veto task is to gather $1.30 by slipping and sliding through the backyard laundromat and successfully tossing the large coins they find. Some of them are wasting their time on nickels, but Willie and Frank just focus on finding quarters. Not that half of them can throw anyway. Frank uncovers a stack of dollar coins, but he fails to land any of them. Willie finds this secret stash of coins, which allows him to get into the game with $1.05. Frank finally completes a dollar toss to put him at $1.25, tied with Shane. The difference is Shane’s not missing any of his throws, so he ends up winning.

Coach Britney tells Shane he can’t use the veto. But he tells us it’s an individual game. I can’t argue with the logic that she doesn’t want it to be war (not that it isn’t already), but I’ve heard the individual game argument before, which I’m not buying. At least for now, it’s a team game, guided largely by the coaches.

Unsurprisingly, Shane decides not to use the veto. Frank hopes to convince people that he’s a gamer, who deserves to be kept around for that fact. Dan plans to save his player who seems content flying under the radar.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 2

After her team won the first challenge in Big Brother 14 Episode 1, Britney made Russell’s brother Willie the first HOH.

Boogie would like to partner with Dan, who during his winning season played similarly to Dr. Will. If two coaches can get together and promise safety to each other’s members, that’s half the house that’s not gunning for them. To counter this, Janelle and Britney want to work together, the least scary alliance ever, though their teams have the numbers to make it happen, which could potentially be 6-4 after this week.

Ian’s a Big Brother superfan. He’s been watching the show since he was 10 when Chilltown won the first time. He wants to know everything about the house and everybody in it, which is starting to creep people out.

Willie reveals a secret to his team and Janelle. He’s Russell’s brother. Shocking.

Not content with his 6 person alliance, Willie reaches across to the other side, making a deal with Frank.

The coaches will participate in a competition each week, which will allow the winner to grant immunity to one of their players and determine the have nots for the week.

Their first competition for the week is for them to race in the Big Brother derby until they can catch the horse in front of them on the slippery track. Boogie and Britney go first, and Boogie wins. Then Dan and Janelle go next, but Dan doesn’t want to have to choose between his only two contestants, so he plans to throw the competition. This leaves Janelle to win this round like she usually wins, by default. In the final round, Boogie beats Janelle to win the challenge.

Following his victory, Boogie grants immunity to Ian, the person on his team who’s probably the most in danger because he’s making people a little nervous. Though Boogie probably would prefer Frank to survive, Frank told him he feels totally secure.

The bad news is now that each coach must pick a have not from their team for the week. Britney chooses Shane, Dan chooses Danielle, Janelle chooses Ashley, and Boogie chooses Ian. Always the curious one, Ian quickly goes inside to get his first taste of slop. He doesn’t mind it, and he also says he’s passed out on bathroom floors in school, making the sleeping arrangements not scary to him either.

Britney and Janelle want Dan and Boogie to fight, which would mean Willie has to nominate the two people they don’t want to lose, Kara and Frank. The problem is Willie has a deal with one of them.

Chef Joe is cooking up a storm, perhaps too much. If he’s not careful and goes through all the food too quickly, they could all be on slop. This may not be Survivor where eating two cherries gets you booted, but food can very much influence people’s behavior.

Ian is safe.
Jojo is safe.
Shane is safe.
Wil is safe.
Danielle is safe.
Ashley is safe.
Jenn is safe.
Joe is safe.

Frank and Kara have been nominated for eviction, as the coaches suggested. Nobody twisted Willie’s arm to make that alliance, which he has now thrown out in a matter of days. He wanted to decrease the size of the target on himself, and now he just made it bigger, if that’s possible.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 1

Finally something other than America’s Got Talent to watch, even if it is a rigged show that has me asking every year why I watch it (seasons 2-5 were pretty good, though). Unless you count The Glass House, but since it’s DOA and will be lucky to survive its full 10 episode run, I’m not sure anyone does.

The previously announced 12 member Big Brother 14 cast introduced the third Hantz family member Willie. In addition to those 12, there will be four returning cast members who will be playing their own game for their own prize. The producers told us they would be among the best players ever. Kiss of death. Disappointment and annoyance ensues. We all know they’re going to grab whatever yahoo is desperate enough to return, with a good likelihood that they suck.

I was hoping they gave up on the season 6 idiots that ruined two seasons, but here we go again for part three. Janelle Pierzina, an emotion driven non-strategist who is the worst player to ever stumble her way into the top three twice, is the first returning cast member. At least Howie and Kaysar won’t be back again, though I wouldn’t mind seeing James. She will be joined by Dan Gheesling, who won Big Brother 10 by a unanimous vote. The third returning cast member is Britney Haynes. Apparently, she placed 4th in season 12, just 2 years ago. Yeah, I had to look her up. Still don’t remember who she is. She’s 20-something and blonde if it helps. Lastly, Mike “Boogie” Malin, who was eliminated fairly early in season 2 but redeemed himself with a victory in All Stars. Boogie without Dr. Will? I’m not overly enthused. Granted, he’s a more entertaining prospect than either Janelle or Britney, both of whom land with a big thud on the Big Brother alumni scale.

Wil (with 1 l… really?) lets his sexuality be known in record time. Willie sounds and looks like his brother, which is not lost on Ian, and he plans to play a similar game as Russell did on Survivor. Personal chef Joe is likely to get far just based on his cooking skills. Danielle pretends she’s a kindergarten teacher rather than a nurse. I don’t get the advantage. It’s not like she’s a federal agent or something. Ashley, the cute bubbly blonde, likes nerds, which should bode well for Ian despite him not being in her league or the same sport for that matter.

The returning cast members will be coaches. Wait. What? Are these people so dumb that they need coaches? Especially these coaches? Please don’t tell me this means that all four of them will stick around all season. Surely they need to earn their keep.

Each coach will pick three houseguests. If one of their picks is the winner, that coach will receive $100,000.

Boogie, who evicted the girl his buddy was stringing along (Janelle), sees potential for some conflict with her.

Like Brandon, Willie is pretending he’s not related to Russell. He may not have a tattoo that says Hantz that he has to cover by wearing a shirt all the time in 100 degree weather, but the resemblance just makes it too obvious. Boogie’s not interested in picking him, but he seems like Dan’s kind of player, though picking him is a risk because he’s an easy target.

There are only 11 keys to be handed out. One person will be leaving tonight.

Each coach will now select their teams.

Britney: Shane, Willie, Jojo
Mike: Frank, Ian, Jen
Janelle: Wil, Ashley, Joe
Dan: Kara, Danielle, Jodi

After they get dressed in their pajamas, it’s time for their first competition of the summer. The coach of the winning team will pick the first HOH, while the losing team’s coach must eliminate somebody. Their task is to hop across spinning and shaking mattresses, grab a bear, and get back without falling.

Britney, Janelle, and Boogie’s teams score a point. Britney’s team then takes the 2-1 lead. Dan’s team finally gets on the board. Boogie’s team scores 2. Janelle’s team makes it a three way tie for the lead. Britney’s team wins. After 20 minutes, the coaches are allowed to make a substitution. This allows Boogie’s team and then Janelle’s team to get through the course. It does not do Dan any good, though, as his strategy of picking all women seems to have backfired.

Britney crowns Willie as the first Head of Household of the summer. She knows he’s vulnerable and hopes he can make some deals to keep himself safe going forward.

Because his team lost, Dan must now eliminate somebody. The result here is pretty obvious. Jodi, the last pick who he was stuck with by default, has been eliminated.

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Big Brother 14 Cast

Remember how lame Russell Hantz was after trying out Survivor more than once? And then there was the disaster that was his nephew. Now a third Hantz enters the picture, as Russell’s brother Willie heads to Big Brother. In addition to the 12 already announced cast members, there will also be four returning cast members who hopefully are not completely lame. CBS describes them as four of the most successful players in Big Brother history. That doesn’t help me at all, as this comes from the producers that probably consider Kaysar successful.

Ashley Iocco
Pittsburgh, PA (living in West Hollywood, CA)
Owner of a Mobile Spray Tanning Company

Danielle Murphree
Grant, AL (living in Tuscaloosa, AL)

Frank Eudy
Marion, AR (living in Naples, FL)

Name: Ian Terry
Pittsburgh, PA (living in New Orleans, LA)
Engineering Student

Jenn Arroyo
Brooklyn, NY

Jodi Rollins
Englewood, CO (living in Calipatria, CA)
Restaurant Server

Joe Arvin
Lexington, KY (living in Schererville, IN)

JoJo Spatafora
Staten Island, NY

Kara Monaco
Orlando, FL (living in Los Angeles, CA)

Shane Meaney
Bennington, VT
House Flipper

Wil Heuser
Louisville, KY
Marketing Consultant

Willie Hantz
Vinton, LA (living in Dayton, TX)