Big Brother 16 Episode 32

Christine did something for a change, removing herself from the block after winning the veto in Big Brother 16 Episode 31. In her place, the only other female Victoria was nominated to go against the previously evicted Nicole. What, you thought it was going to be a guy? Expect the expected.

Caleb reveals to Frankie that he and the rest of the alliance brought up Frankie as a replacement. Cody receives the blame for this, of course. Nobody here is smart enough to blame Derrick, though between the two, Cody is just more vocal about things. So Frankie approaches Derrick, who blames Caleb, but says it was not really serious.

Christine: Nicole
Derrick: Nicole
Frankie: Nicole
Cody: Nicole

By a vote of 4-0, Nicole is evicted from the Big Brother house. She keeps going on about how they are being big babies getting rid of somebody who is not a threat, but she is neither predictable nor loyal to a single one of the guys.

Tonight is a double eviction night, so we head right into a true/false competition for HOH based on bleeped out words evicted houseguests have said. Derrick is the only person correct on the first question, and he wins HOH. He couldn’t have thrown that if he tried. That was among the most pitiful HOH competitions I have seen.

His target remains Frankie. Victoria is the obvious pawn, and he’s not about to show his hand by not nominating Christine alongside her.

Victoria & Christine

The veto competition will have them navigating a ball through three crop circle mazes. Frankie is the first one to advance to the second maze, but everybody is on his heels. Frankie retains the lead going into the final maze. Nobody is anywhere near him by this point. Frankie wins the power of veto. Derrick’s plan just went all to hell as usual. These people always seem to have these grand plans, but they end up settling for the boring and predictable result when it does not work.

It’s clear the veto won’t be used here because Caleb would be the replacement nominee. With Victoria not being an actual option, Christine will be heading to the jury house.

Frankie: Christine
Caleb: Christine
Cody: Christine

By a vote of 3-0, Christine has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She departs without saying a word to anyone and is greeted by boos.

Julie announces a twist. Big Brother Rewind. If the button is pressed, the entire week will be erased and replayed. Lame. Is there even a point to watching next week then?

Because of Thursday night football, the show will be moving to Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday effective immediately.

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