Big Brother 16 Episode 33

During the double eviction in Big Brother 16 Episode 32, Nicole was evicted, then Christine followed right behind her.

Cody was perhaps the closest person to Christine in the house. Having heard the boos she received when she walked out the door is making him wonder.

Their challenge is to transfer seeds to a spade by walking back and forth on their seesaw shovel. If they fall or drop any seeds, they need to start over again. Frankie starts with the lead. Caleb is keeping close to him. Cody and Victoria are are out it pretty early. Victoria never recovers, but Cody starts to make a comeback. With just a few left, Caleb loses a single seed and has to restart. Frankie wins HOH. This was a pretty good competition for a change.

Having just won HOH, Frankie is one of the most vocal about going and pushing the stupid rewind button. Cody also strongly supports this. The others try to be the voices of reason, but eventually they decide as a group to push it. The result of pushing it is a countdown clock starts ticking.

They get a visit from Jeff and Jordan. The reason for this visit is so that Jeff can finally propose, presumably setting up a CBS wedding special. I think this show may have a better track record now than The Bachelor.

It’s all pointless anyway because this week does not count, but Frankie must now nominate at least one ally because they have finally run out of enough pawns. Granted, this is the guy who got rid of Zach and last week was the target, so he won’t be broken up about that.

Cody & Victoria

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