Big Brother 16 Episode 34

Frankie won HOH and nominated Cody & Victoria in Big Brother 16 Episode 33, but all of this is just a waste of time anyway since the house opted to press the reset button.

Now we get a montage mocking Victoria, who has been a disaster both socially and competitively but nonetheless has still managed to stumble her way into the final five because nobody considers her a threat.

Caleb is going to be honest with Cody. I think we know where this is going. He acknowledges he did consider the possibility of getting rid of him. Well, then, I guess that makes Caleb the new target. It’s not like they can get rid of Frankie this week like they want.

All players will play in the veto competiton. I assume it’s the mixed up faces challenge. It is, and they are dressed like freaks (actual freaks). No doubt Victoria is going to lose because that’s what she does, but overall there is no indication how they are doing.

Cody – 12:14
Caleb – 8:39
Victoria – 17:18
Frankie – 5:54
Derrick – 6:17

Frankie wins the power of veto. I can’t see a reason why he would choose to get rid of Caleb over Cody, though he could in theory nominate either Caleb or Derrick and ensure that an actual threat goes home.

Team America has been pretty lame, but the missions keep on coming anyway. Their mission is to convince people that there is a rodent in the house and keep them up all night. Having just been made fun of by Jeff and Jordan for being slobs, they just finished spending hours cleaning the entire house, but people buy their story regardless.

The silly part about this is that you can’t “catch” a mouse/rat. You have to trap it. So Caleb makes a homemade trap. Then there’s Cody, who has seen too many cartoons and thinks rodents like cheese. In the end, the mission is accomplished because all they need to do is run around and freak out for a few hours.

For all his talk about all his power, Frankie unsurprisingly does not use the power of veto.

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