Big Brother 16 Episode 35

Frankie won veto in Big Brother 16 Episode 34, allowing him to keep his nominations of Cody and Victoria the same.

Derrick has Victoria tell Frankie that he’s voting her out, complete with fake crying. Frankie falls for it. I don’t get how this helps her. Apparently, Victoria doesn’t care if she goes home, as long as Derrick wins.

For his birthday, Zach receives a new pink hat from the jury house. I guess the effects of Victoria’s destruction of her own property did not last very long.

Everybody is thrilled to see Christine. They blame her for getting them out, but they also blame Derrick for running the house, though in his case they don’t dislike him. Frankie is also getting a lot of credit. The other two aren’t mentioned.

It took us long enough to get to this point, but it seems pretty clear the boys have decided to stick together rather than making a big move.

But we won’t bother with that. The button countdown clock has finished counting down.

They will now start replaying the entire week. Well, that was a waste of time, more than usual. Everything will be done again, even the competitions. And Cody, he gets to wear the dinosaur costume.

The thing about this competition is that it was pretty close last time, especially between Caleb and Frankie. Cody was coming on strong at the end. Victoria lost by a longshot as usual.

After they wasted the first half hour or so of the night for no good reason, there is not going to be enough time to complete the HOH competition. Another 5 minutes, and this will be over. Looks like anybody’s game, except Victoria.

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