Big Brother 16 Episode 31

Caleb won HOH in Big Brother 16 Episode 30. Then there was a tornado warning. Then when we returned, two more girls were on the block. The tornado warning (issued four minutes after an EF0 tornado briefly struck basically one neighborhood… awesome early warning system) was one of the rare unexpected moments so far this season.

Caleb’s target is Nicole, but Derrick would rather see Christine go home. The secondary target is Victoria, who can’t win either a competition or the game in general.

For her part, Christine’s talking tough and saying she won’t nominate Victoria next week. She’s kind of stuck, though, because not only is she not a key part of either side of the alliance, but the girls don’t like her either.

Everybody other than Frankie will play in the veto competition. They will cut wires based on videos, following instructions such as cut the first striped wire shown. Cody is the first one blown up, and he gets to dress like a dinosaur for a week, which backfired on BB because I’m not sure they want him that clothed. Everybody is correct on the next one. Caleb drops next. Then Victoria. Everybody is safe again, and they all seem to be guessing by this point. Derrick and Nicole both blow up, and Christine wins the power of veto.

Undeterred by that plan being completely out the window, Derrick still does not want Nicole to go home. He needs to think about who his other target is. Aside from Victoria, his only other option is Frankie. Luckily for him, he’s been feeding Caleb about that for the past few days, and the fact that Frankie went right up to Christine after the competition helps. Derrick doesn’t even need to say anything. Caleb starts the post-challenge conversation. All he was whispering is how great he would have done in that competition, but it’s not like the content of what he said is relevant. Cody still finds a way to somehow make it a big deal.

Nicole tells Derrick that he’s the closest thing to Dan Gheesling she has seen. I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison, though he is this season’s smoothest operator, but it is enough to scare Derrick. He doesn’t want everybody else to think the same way. So he goes to Caleb to make a case for getting rid of Nicole. Not at all suspicious.

At the veto ceremony, Christine removes herself from the block. Her replacement nominee is Victoria.

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