Big Brother 16 Episode 30

Following Donny’s eviction in Big Brother 16 Episode 29, the house began an endurance competition for HOH.

Frankie’s attempts to save his fellow Team America member did not stay on his side of the house. Cody told Nicole she was his target. Now this is exactly as Frankie feared. He needed to get rid of her because she will target him before the rest.

It goes without saying that Victoria is useless in this competition. Derrick is about as bad off as she is. Eventually, he just gives up and decides to go for the money instead, which he wins because he’s racing against himself. He also gets the stupid hollas that I’m sure somebody at CBS thought would be funny. The other four are competitive. Nicole eventually falls out of the race, so she starts giving Christine tips. Frankie had been in the lead for a while, but he has fallen behind Christine and Caleb. Caleb ends up winning, collapsing as he wins.

Meanwhile, there is a tornado warning (that apparently won’t actually hit anywhere) for the other side of the state. So I get to watch this weather windbag interrupt and keep repeating the same thing over and over and over again. And over and over and over. I got the point 15 minutes ago. Is it too much to ask that you put a banner on the bottom of the screen if you have no useful new information to report? So after all that, he says that the warning has been discontinued. Then he keeps talking. And talking. 25 minutes for him to tell everybody there is no threat.

I’m guessing there was some strategy talk during all that, though I don’t suspect it was particularly critical.

Nicole & Christine

Nicole was the obvious choice. Christine is surprised by being the second pick.

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