Big Brother 16 Episode 29

Continuing the tradition of more of the same, Cody won the power of veto in Big Brother 16 Episode 28 and kept Donny and Nicole on the block.

Nicole is bonding with Christine and to an extent Victoria as well. Unlike Donny, she has a social game. This is what makes her dangerous. Because they are in Team America, Derrick and Frankie are considering getting rid of her, but they need to get Caleb onboard first. Cody strongly opposes this idea.

Team America finds out the results of their mission. America hated the play idea. More specifically, no doubt, they hated the fact that Frankie and Derrick refused to go along with Donny’s ridiculous idea to give him a free pass. It probably didn’t help that Frankie’s idea of a mission was something he seemed to randomly give two seconds of thought toward.

Christine: Donny
Victoria: Donny
Frankie: Donny
Caleb: Donny
Derrick: Donny

By a vote of 5-0, Donny has been evicted from the Big Brother house. For the majority of the house, this is probably the right decision. The only people who really get screwed by this are his fellow Team America members, though they had no prayer of beating him if he were to make it to the end, despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything.

Donny had to resign his position as groundskeeper, which he prays he can get back. In the meantime, The Bold and The Beautiful has invited him to guest star.

The HOH competition is one of endurance, requiring them run back and forth on a slippery platform and transfer water from one side to a container on the other. If they wish to forgo HOH, they can fill the smaller one instead, which contains a reward/punishment chosen by America of 5000 dollas and 5000 hollas.

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