Big Brother 16 Episode 28

Cody won HOH and as usual made the predictable move of nominating Donny and Nicole in Big Brother 16 Episode 27.

The house continues to talk as if Donny is some sort of genius, literally. What he’s doing, yeah, that comes from his time in the military.

Team America’s mission: come up with their own mission. America will have to vote whether it’s a good one. Donny’s suggestion is to keep Team America together. Translation: don’t vote him out. If they’re looking to make $5k, this is a simple mission to succeed doing. If they are looking to get rid of someone who the jury house loves as much as America does, this is dumb to bother doing.

Victoria’s wisdom teeth are starting to come in. As I start thinking things like “she can use all the wisdom she can get”, she collapses in the bathroom. When you’re surrounded by people and dozens of cameras, how do they let you get to that stage? It’s not like this is Survivor. The producers have constant involvement in everything here.

Cody selects Christine at random to play in the veto competition, Nicole chooses Derrick, and Donny picks Frankie. Cody’s happy with these choices. Despite his ridiculous mission suggestion, Donny is not.

Frankie comes up with an equally stupid suggestion, but at least it should not impact the game any. He wants to put on a play.

The veto competition will have them counting (or at least guessing numbers of) various items. They predetermine that they will throw it to Frankie because he’s apparently good at counting.

Everybody other than Frankie and Donny fold in the first round as planned. Donny is closest to the actual answer, while the overconfident Frankie has been eliminated. Everybody in the house seems to believe there is an x in espresso, and as the only person who does not fold, Cody gets a point, which Nicole would have gotten had she stayed. In the next round, Cody again is the only person who does not fold. Once again in the next round, Cody is the only one who does not fold, and he wins the power of veto. He thanks them for handing it to him. Even the people who are not in his alliance sucked at this.

As a bit of an olive branch for having put them on the block and making them have nots, Cody invites Donny and Nicole to see an advance screening of the upcoming CBS show Scorpion.

There are two halves to this alliance, so now the half in power suggests striking first before the other half gets the chance next week. Yes, it seems that the other pair is Frankie and Caleb, the same duo that produced a very dramatic scene when one sat out of a competition in an effort to send the other home.

Cody chooses to keep the nominations as is because everybody wants Donny to be sent home.

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