Big Brother 16 Episode 27

Zach was voted out of the house in Big Brother 16 Episode 26, then Nicole won her way back inside, for lack of a better term.

Donny’s happy to see Nicole back in the house. That way, the other side will have a bigger target than him. He’s about the only one who can come up with a reason to be happy.

The HOH competition will have them punching to guess the days of events that have happened throughout the season. They will keep guessing (with guess being the key word) until they get the correct answer. Nicole is the first one eliminated. Well, that did not go quite as she had planned. Having somehow narrowly survived the first round, Victoria is eliminated next. Christine is eliminated in the third round. Caleb is the fourth one eliminated. Derrick is next. Cody beats Donny to win HOH. Despite being the runner up, Donny just guessed all the answers.

The safe bet is that it will be another boring week with Donny and Nicole being nominated. Still, Cody is talking about the alliance as if it has two sides, and then there’s Christine, who’s just sitting in the middle not doing much.

Nicole & Donny

For all the build up to this moment, the obvious ended up happening.

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