Big Brother 16 Episode 26

In a move that I can’t imagine does not ensure he’s going to lose the game, Frankie turned on his best friend in Big Brother 16 Episode 25 and nominated Zach for eviction against fellow alliance member Cody.

Zach needs 3 votes to stay, which is a tall order. The other side of the house has been decimated. Donny may be on his side, but Victoria thinks he’s a lunatic. He’ll have to swing people in his own alliance, who don’t trust him. To try to assist, Donny makes a convincing pitch to Christine, who’s been the outsider in that alliance since it started.

At the beginning of the season, Zach borrowed Victoria’s pink hat. He has been wearing it ever since then. In order to get even with him, she destroys it. Yeah, that’ll show him. Ruin your own property.

The battle of the block and double HOH twist has now ended. Take Team America with you.

Derrick: Zach
Christine: Zach
Donny: Zach
Caleb: Zach
Victoria: Zach

By a vote of 5-0, Zach has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He says it’s his own fault because he knows he can’t keep his mouth shut. It would be easy for him to be bitter, but he has nothing but praise for the people who turned on him. Rubbing salt in his wounds, Christine and Victoria foolishly rip apart a jury member.

Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and Zach will now have a chance to return to the game. Their challenge is to slide discs on to a spinning turntable, so pretty much any idiot can win this. Everybody scores in round 1 then again in the next round. Nicole falls in the third round. Everybody loses something in the fourth round except Jocasta. She retains the lead in the fifth round. Nicole, Zach, and Jocasta are tied after the sixth round. Jocasta and Nicole have the most discs after the final round, and as the person closest to the center, Nicole will be returning to the house.

Well, at least that’s a lot less lame than Jocasta returning, even if she also never did anything, despite being HOH three times.

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