Big Brother 16 Episode 25

The Detonators/Bomb Squad again failed to properly throw a competition in Big Brother 16 Episode 24, allowing Donny (who completely believably had no dud bones in the competition) to remove himself from the block while Caleb and Cody remain in danger.

Donny knows that Christine attempted to throw the competition. She found nothing, and even when he gave her one, she still found nothing.

Victoria is the planned replacement nominee. Their only other choice is loose cannon Zach, but that would require Frankie to personally turn on his on again off again showmance.

Team America’s mission seems lame but harmless. They must hide clothing from everyone and organize a neighborhood watch to prevent it from happening again. This should be simple enough.

Frankie selects Victoria at random to play in the veto competition, Cody chooses Donny, and Caleb selects Christine. This is about the worst luck of the draw possible.

Zingbot returns, and he is nice. His new word is props. For some reason, he has brought Kathy Griffin with him, and she’s there to be the mean one. Not necessary. She’s only supposed to zing people who are actually playing the game, which leaves Victoria out.

Now I understand the excuse for having Kathy here. The veto competition is to reboot Zingbot. They must correctly connect circuit boards, a maze of wires. Victoria’s useless as usual. The lights are out, and nobody’s home. Cody is only a slightly brighter bulb. Donny is doing well but gets stumped on the third box as Frankie and Caleb pass him. Frankie wants all the power, and he stays ahead of the surprisingly competent Beast Mode Cowboy to win the power of veto.

And Zingbot returns to tell Frankie he spends so much time in his sister’s shadow. As for Cody, he hasn’t made any enemies this summer… except for maybe Christine’s husband.

Everybody assumes Zach is the one hiding their stuff. He must be the saboteur. He’s been making so much trouble all season. Somehow, this gets Frankie to thinking about getting rid of him. Seriously? I thought this was a harmless prank, but now it’s potentially stupidly influencing the game. With these people, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The power of veto clearly will be used. The question is whether they get rid of the weakest player or the most unpredictable one. Frankie uses the veto on Caleb. In his place, Zach has been nominated. As easy as it is to blame Frankie for this, the stupid twist just blew up on America.

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