Big Brother 16 Episode 24

Nicole was predictably eliminated in Big Brother 16 Episode 23, right before power returned to The Detonators when Derrick and Frankie won HOH.

Thanks for not starting two hours late tonight, CBS.

Caleb is still under the impression there is a Bomb Squad. He’s probably the only person in the house who does not know that alliance died weeks ago.

Cody doesn’t like throwing competitions after it blew up last week. The problem last week was that they did not throw it. Caleb just sat down and pouted.

Derrick goes out of his way to make sure Victoria is safe for the week. Donny, however, will be going on the block. Frankie trusts Derrick completely (doesn’t anybody realize that everyone trusts Derrick completely?), so he’s willing to be removed from HOH and give Derrick control.

Team America’s next mission is to hide a favorite piece of clothing from each houseguest and organize a neighborhood watch. The lesser of the two evils by far, as it is not giving America any influence over the game.

For a change, there are no volunteers to go on the block, even though multiple people need to be nominated. Feeling he’s being attacked, Zach eventually volunteers, but then Derrick says he does not want him to do so. Their plan to resolve this: pick Skittles out of a hat. This is the most ridiculous nomination strategy I have seen.

Christine may be a married woman, but that’s not stopping her from flirting with Cody. She says this is all strategy. So why’s she keep running her hands through his hair?

Zach was so happy that he is not the target to be nominated, though he would have had a chance to save himself by being on the team not throwing the competition. If they have the chance to backdoor him, nobody will be too broken up about it.

Derrick’s Nominations
Donny & Christine

Frankie’s Nominations
Caleb & Cody

The plan is for Christine to throw this challenge, leaving herself and Donny in danger. Donny’s pretty sure everybody else must be working together, and their reassurrances are not helping.

In the battle of the block, they will search in a black box for bones. This should be pretty easy to throw. Nobody can see anything or whether someone is trying or not. Of course, that also means it’s not going to be a slam dunk for the other side either. On his own, Donny eventually manages to take the lead 3-2, then 4-3, as the other team falls behind with incorrect finds. By this point, he realizes she has thrown the competition. Then he finds the fifth and final one to win the battle of the block.

Yeah, I’m not at all suspicious that Caleb and Cody found multiple bones that did not fit into their slots, while every single bone Donny found was right.

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