Big Brother 16 Episode 23

Much drama culminated in a rather yawnworthy fashion after Zach won the power of veto in Big Brother 16 Episode 22, as Nicole joined Donny on the block.

Christine tells Nicole the truth about why she was nominated. Nicole does not believe her or at least does not want to let her off the hook as being the innocent pawn.

As she talks to more of the house, Nicole seems to be swaying some of them. Donny, who she’s calling a dangerous threat, does not seem to be doing much of anything. For that matter, he really never does. He’s not the schemer war veteran that some seem to think. The biggest threat with him is that everybody likes him, and he does not have any blood on his hands.

In case you have not yet seen enough of the advertising for CBS Thursday Night Football, Frankie, Christine, and Caleb get to go watch the Cowboys practice.

Caleb: Nicole
Zach: Nicole
Cody: Nicole
Victoria: Nicole
Frankie: Nicole
Derrick: Nicole

As usual, it’s a landslide. By a vote of 6-0, Nicole has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

The house was haunted last night due to a zombie apocalypse, which will be the basis for the Q&A HOH competition. Okay, now you’ve got 10 minutes left to get through this. Think you can make it this week?

Caleb thinks Chilltown was mentioned as a city name and is the first eliminated. Everybody gets the second question correct. Donny and Victoria are incorrect on the next question that the others randomly guess right. Is it just me, or can half of the cast not be seen in these competitions? Zach gets the next question wrong. Everybody gets the next two questions right then the next one wrong. Cody is eliminated next, and Derrick and Frankie are HOH.

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