Big Brother 16 Winner

Caleb stupidly got himself eliminated, delusional to the end that Cody and Derrick were loyal to him, leaving a final three of Derrick Levassuer, Cody Calafiore, and Victoria Rafaeli.

Derrick has played the better game of the three. Nothing ever seemed to go his way, but it didn’t matter because whatever plan C he had to settle for worked out just as well. Everybody liked him, and he was never a target, not once being nominated.

Cody rode Derrick’s coattails. At the end of the day, he does not seem to have any chance unless he’s smart enough to drop him now and take Victoria.

Victoria is this season’s Cowboy, minus the relationships he managed to build. Anybody who takes her to the end should win unanimously.

The first part of the HOH competition is an endurance competition. They must hold on to a wall while being pelted most of the time with rain. Of course, Victoria is the first to fall. Derrick and Cody had planned to give Cody the win, but Derrick says he doesn’t know if he can beat Victoria in a mental competition. Oh come on now. Lie better. Derrick eventually reluctantly steps down.

Part two of the HOH competition requires them to match up the evictees and the people who were sitting up on the block against them. Derrick completes the challenge in 15:29 compared to Victoria’s 30:03.

Nobody in the jury house is surprised to see Caleb after he eliminated his only ally. Caleb continues to defend his stupid decision.

Dr. Will reveals Derrick’s game. He just had an alliance with everybody. And they all fell for it. That doesn’t necessarily make him a master manipulator.

As much as Derrick may have made friends and impressed people with his game, he’s not without his critics. Jocasta says he fake prayed with her, whatever that is, and Frankie talks about how Derrick claimed they bonded over the loss of their grandfathers.

Caleb and Jocasta claim they will vote for Victoria.

The final part of the final HOH competition is multiple guess fill in the blank.

Caleb said, “My favorite moment on the house was when I went on that amazing date with Amber.” Derrick is correct.

Frankie said, “The fatal error I made in the house was putting my faith in Beast Mode Coward.” Both are correct.

Christine said, “The houseguest who I think needs a reality check the most is Frankie. He only thinks about himself.” Both are correct.

Donny said, “The most annoying thing in the house was getting people to be quiet when it was my bed time.” Cody is correct.

Zach said, “The houseguest that made the worst nomination decision was me when I put up my own alliance member. What was I thinking?” Derrick is correct.

Nicole said, “The moment in the house that I’m afraid to have my friends and family see is kissing Hayden. So awkward.” Cody is correct.

Hayden said, “The most shocking moment in the house was Caleb took the $5,000 over the veto.” Both are incorrect.

Jocasta said, “Ranking my gameplay on a scale of 1-100, I give myself a 90, of course. A girl don’t go lower than that.” Both are incorrect.

The tiebreaker question is the number of seconds of the first part of the final HOH competition. Derrick says 3013; Cody says 3120. The correct answer is 3671. Cody wins HOH.

It would seem dumb for Cody to bring Derrick into the final two with him, but he seems pretty gungho on this deal they had.


Based on his diary room confessions, I’m not surprised. Like Caleb, he clearly values loyalty very highly.

Christine asks Derrick about how he sent everybody home, though he denied it while playing with them. He acknowledges playing a behind the scenes game.

Frankie tells Cody he’s the puppet, while Derrick is the puppetmaster.

Caleb asks whether Derrick manipulated them by using his family.

Hayden wants to know about Cody’s biggest strategic move that he made on his own. He has some answer about how he ran something by Derrick one week to flip the script.

Derrick thinks he should win based on never having been nominated, even with the double HOH twist.

Derrick tries to talk around Victoria’s question, but I think he admits that he was more loyal to his alliance than to her. Then he tells her she’s still his friend.

Cody seems to think that being nice to everybody should be enough to win. I’d buy that argument in other seasons, but Derrick is not unlikeable enough for it to work here. For the most part, this jury does not seem particularly bitter either.

Derrick admits he’s a cop, which does not surprise Frankie. His casting video reveals his strategy, which he stuck to very well.

Jocasta: Cody
Hayden: Derrick
Zach: Derrick
Donny: Cody
Nicole: Derrick
Christine: Derrick
Frankie: Derrick
Caleb: Derrick
Victoria: Derrick

The Big Brother 16 winner is Derrick. Cody just made a half a million dollar mistake. He had the chance to go against Victoria but decided to try to beat a stronger player instead.

The final prize is for America’s favorite houseguest. Why bother voting? We all know it’s Donny, who wins $25,000 with about half the votes. Zach and Nicole were the other two top vote getters.

Big Brother will be back again next year. Despite its fairly dull and predictable nature this year, the overall likeable cast managed to get people to tune in anyway and put up some pretty good ratings among adults 18-49.

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