Big Brother 16 Episode 36

Unsurprisingly, last week was revealed to be a big stupid waste of when we learned in Big Brother 16 Episode 35 that the reset button meant that everything would be done all over again. We start off with the seed challenge that is exactly the challenge we watched last Sunday.

Frankie wants everything to be done exactly the same as it was last week. He’s alone in that thinking. Now they are talking about getting rid of him. Oh, this again?

We already know Victoria won’t win this challenge, but the other two have had one shot to practice playing it. The only difference here is that the rain is flowing a lot faster. Victoria falls out of it early. Cody and Caleb jump ahead of Frankie. Close to the end, Cody drops a seed. Caleb hangs on to win HOH.

Cody wants Caleb to be man enough to put Frankie on the block because he wants him out of the house. Perhaps he should have done better in the challenge then.

Caleb doesn’t want to put Frankie up on the block, knowing all week that he’s the target. He’s hoping Derrick will volunteer, and Derrick’s immediate response is that he now wants to get rid of Caleb. They try to convince him that Frankie will get rid of one of them, despite his HOH last week in which he targeted Victoria.

Victoria is still pretending she hates Derrick, which apparently they both think will help his game. I know she has no chance to win, but she’s been given a second lease on life in the BB house. Why is she still playing as she was last week when she was defeated?

The jury returns to make a mess out of the house, the one that already smells. Jury members will be participating in the luxury competition, and those remaining in the house will be able to bet on who wins.

Cody: Zach
Derrick: Donny
Victoria: Hayden
Cody: Nicole
Caleb: Jocasta

Nobody picks Christine.

Their reward will be $5,000, for both the jury member and their fellow houseguest. Donny thinks perhaps this will make up for the money that Frankie made them lose with the play. Of course, America would not have voted against with them if not for Donny’s plea and stupid plan, so that one turned out about as well as he made it.

Their task is to tear the house apart looking for knock out pucks, which they can use to get rid of fellow competitors. Jocasta eliminates Christine. Nicole goes after Zach. Then she targets Donny after debating about it for half a minute. Why are these people watching it yelling so much? Shut up already. Nicole then knocks out Jocasta. Hayden now has a choice to eliminate himself or not, and Nicole tells him to not be an idiot. Hayden and Victoria are the winners.

Frankie’s plea to Caleb is that he should not get rid of the biggest target because that makes him the next big target.

Victoria & Frankie

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