Big Brother 16 Episode 37

Do over week started in Big Brother 16 Episode 36 with Caleb winning HOH and nominating Frankie because Derrick and Cody told him to do so.

Frankie knows Caleb’s attempt to explain his nominations is… lies. Eventually, it comes out that they think he may make a big move. A big move like he did not make last week when he was HOH and also held the power of veto. Cody and Derrick are upset that the finger has been pointed at them. The finger was supposed to be pointing only at Caleb.

Team America is over. Let’s hope a nail is put in the coffin of this stupid twist for the future. They do receive a final set of instructions. If they win the game, they will win an extra $50,000.

The veto competition is the mixed up faces competition from last week, which Frankie won with a time of 5:54. The only person who even came close was Derrick. The pictures are new, including one with six faces instead of three.

Cody barely beat Victoria last time, but he puts up a seemingly impressive time of 2:21. Caleb completely screws up on the second picture, forgetting to turn off the first set of names, so there is no way he is recovering. Victoria is about as competitive as you would expect from Victoria. Frankie quickly falls apart, and his hope to save himself is dashed on the second picture. Derrick comes close but not close enough. Cody wins the power of veto. That goes to show how important being able to study for a competition like this is. Of course, anybody smart would know that this competition is coming like it does every year.

It goes without saying that Cody does not use the veto.

Because Cody and Derrick are the only votes, Frankie’s only play is to tell them Caleb is his target. I don’t think they are going to fall for it, whether it is sincere or not.

Cody: Frankie
Derrick: Frankie

By a vote of 2-0, Frankie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. It’s hard to feel sorry for him since he did the same thing to Zach with seemingly less reason. He is probably the happiest evictee ever. I’m not sure how Caleb just helped himself by keeping that duo together along with a dud that everyone would love to go up against in the finals.

The final four HOH competition is before or after. Everybody gets the first and second questions correct. Victoria and Cody get the third question correct. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Cody and Derrick are correct on the fifth and sixth questions. Derrick gets the seventh question correct, tying him for the lead with Cody. The tie breaker question is the number of seconds in the juror luxury competition. Julie needs an answer right now. Well, perhaps you should have given them chalkboards instead of making them flip and flip and flip numbers because I guess you are trying to promote football. In the end, Derrick wins HOH.

This works out perfectly for him. Just nominate Victoria and a “pawn”. He can’t get any blood on his hands because the veto winner is the one who has to decide who goes home.

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