Big Brother 16 Episode 38

Frankie was evicted in Big Brother 16 Episode 37 after the stupid button he was so excited to press backfired. Then Derrick won HOH.

Even on his way out, Frankie delusionally tried to convince the others that he single handedly will be the determining factor behind who wins the game. Apparently, he also has millions of followers. I’m pretty sure the jury have already made up their minds.

Victoria already knows she’s going on the block because she’s the professional pawn, and Caleb agrees that he doesn’t care if he is put on the block, not at all suspicious that Cody and Derrick are the real alliance. Of course, it really does not matter all that much because the veto winner is the person who will send someone home, unless Derrick wins.

Victoria & Caleb

The final veto competition of the season is the standard match evicted houseguests with two corresponding clues. Derrick has no interest in winning because he certainly does not want to be the one to tell anybody he won’t be saving them. We can count Victoria out as usual. It doesn’t even matter what the competition is to do that. This leaves the battle between Caleb and Cody. Caleb is likely fighting for his life, but he may be dumb enough to save Cody if he wins. Cody seems pretty confident he will win, while Caleb is pretty confident he won’t. That’s how it turns out, as Cody wins the power of veto.

Cody: Caleb

By a vote of 1-0, Caleb has been evicted from the Big Brother house. For whatever reason, before voting, Cody reveals his final two alliance with Derrick. I’m not sure Derrick’s hands are quite as clean as he may want now. Perhaps that’s why Cody did what he did.

Caleb’s parents say he believes strongly in loyalty, but they know he just made a dumb move (that he still defends) and stayed loyal a week too long, ironically by eliminating the person who would have been the most loyal to him, Frankie, who also eliminated the person most loyal to him, Zach. This has just been an ongoing theme of stupid… when they weren’t picking off the hapless girls. As much as I’d like to say Derrick is a strong player, much of his dominance comes from being surrounded by idiots.

The schedule is getting a shake up again. It’s almost like The Biggest Loser. Just stick it in whatever random time slot you can because something more important needs the better time.

The waste of time recap episode will air on Friday, the same night as the other John de Mol show Utopia, which last night I found watchable now that they have gotten rid of the convict. I think the editors have finally learned that people may respect conflict but don’t want it to come from deliberately pushing unstable people to get them to react violently. Too bad they have probably alienated half their potential audience with the first disastrous week.

Then the follow up episode with the finale will be on Wednesday after the 90 minute premiere of Survivor.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Big Brother 16 Episode 40, where we will find out who the Big Brother 16 winner is, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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