America’s Got Talent Season 9 Winner

I had to stop watching AGT last year about half way through because I was having trouble with my ears and never realized until then just how obnoxiously loud this show can be, but I have since gotten back into it and been following along for this season.

I really liked the magicians. Too bad we’re left with mostly lame singers that nobody will remember in a month (Jackie Evancho is the only exception to this trend), one of whom will probably win like every year in a show that ultimately devolves into American Idol with some variety thrown in. At least it’s not as bad as New Zealand’s Got Talent, where every single act in the finals was a music act.

The remaining final six contestants with a shot at the “$1 million prize” are singers Quintavious Johnson, Miguel Dakota, and Emily West, band Sons of Serendip, acrobats AcroArmy, and lone surviving magician Mat Franco, not coincidentally the most attractive one of the lot.

Anybody expecting any results before 90 minutes into the show is presumably disappointed. Makes more sense to just read about it online.

In sixth place is Miguel Dakota. I’m comfortable with any of the others advancing, but I have been fast forwarding him because I have been over it.

In fifth place is Quintavious Johnson. I had thought he would finish higher than that, but the other competition ahead of him is pretty stiff.

In fourth place is Sons of Serendip. Of all the singing acts, this is the one that stood out most to me, between the singer and the unique blend of instruments you don’t usually see people playing.

In third place is AcroArmy. I never quite felt as impressed with them as I was with Britain’s Got Talent Series 4 winner Spelbound, but they were an amazing act and really the only one in the finals that kept getting better and better as the season progressed.

The America’s Got Talent Season 9 winner is Mat Franco, leaving Emily West as the runner up. I did not see that one coming. His act was certainly top notch, but I’ve gotten so used to people voting for chicken catchers just because they can sing, although to be fair, that has not happened since before Howard joined the show and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. won (bet that’s the first time you have heard that name since 2011). As for Emily, as singers go, she was one of the more polished we have seen on this show.

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