The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 2

Zina and Vanessa lost the challenge and were the first people who went to Comeback Canyon in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 1. Losing that weigh in, Zina was sent home. Then Andrea was voted out because she said she wanted to quit, and she joined Vanessa.

I had counted this show out, and perhaps that’s how the chips will end up falling. However, last week’s ratings were not terrible. Actually, going up against football, they were pretty good, and they were awesome compared to the dreadful comedy block last year. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all. Until they cut it down to 1 hour per week. I’m not sure the last time I have regularly watched something on a Thursday. Probably back before Survivor moved. I have tried watching some of the ABC dramas, and everybody knows how quickly those get cancelled. One season. Maybe.

Blake decides she does not want to talk about her feelings. Dolvett kicks her out of the gym. Later, she reluctantly agrees to talk.

Their challenge is an obstacle course in which they must bust through walls (work, fear, responsibility, and food). The winning team will be guaranteed use of the gym this week. Mike will sit out for medical reasons. Sonya will sit out for the white team. Blue team has a slight lead, but they fall behind on the third wall. Red and white teams are neck and neck at the finish. White team wins by seconds. Blue is not close.

The white team can pick one other team to join them in the gym. Rondalee wants to bring the stronger team, but she is outvoted. The blue team will be joining them in the gym. They take offense to this decision.

Between red team’s big win last week and their inability to use the gym now, they have an uphill battle.

In addition to the typical you have pre-diabetes/sleep apnea talk, Dr. H has a new tool. He can scare them by showing them what they will look like if they keep gaining weight at the pace they are going. We find out that multiple people have parents with life threatening weight issues that they regardless have refused to learn from.

For Rob, he breaks out a wheelchair, which causes him to storm out of the room shouting. Either he can lose weight, or he will end up like his father.

Toma accepts that he needs to get through the grieving process of his father in order to lose the weight.

Now we go back to Comeback Canyon for a weigh in. Oh yeah, Bob’s still on the show, and he no longer has that weird moustache.

Vanessa: 347 pounds (-5, 1.42%)
Andrea: 224 pounds (-6, 2.61%)

Andrea easily wins the weigh in, and Vanessa has been eliminated.

Now back to the ranch.

Blake: 227 pounds (-8, 3.40%)
Emmy: 249 pounds (-5, 1.97%)
Mike: 352 pounds (-9, 2.49%)
Jordan: 293 pounds (-8, 2.66%)
Scott: 333 pounds (-10, 2.92%)
Rob: 438 pounds (-12, 2.67%)
Red Total: 1892 pounds (-52, 2.67%)

Toma: 308 pounds (-8, 2.53%)
Sonya: 253 pounds (-7, 2.69%)
Rondalee: 258 pounds (-8, 3.01%)
Matt: 353 pounds (-10, 2.75%)
Woody: 376 pounds (-12, 3.09%)
JJ: 366 pounds (-12, 3.17%)
White Total: 1914 pounds (-57, 2.89%)

Gina: 222 pounds (-6, 2.63%)
Lori: 287 pounds (-5, 1.71%)
Chandra: 325 pounds (-9, 2.69%)
Jackie: 273 pounds (-10, 3.53%)
Damien: 367 pounds (-14, 3.67%)
Blue Total: 1474 pounds (-44, 2.90%)

Why is new trainer guy (Jake’s cousin, whatever his name is) picking apart Gina for losing 2.63% but excited by Chandra’s 2.69%? This is why we go by percentages, not raw numbers.

Nobody did particularly badly this week, especially for week two, but the white and blue teams managed to edge ahead of the red team. As The Biggest Loser on the losing team, Blake is safe.

Scott: Emmy
Jordan: Emmy
Rob: Emmy

With 3 votes, Emmy is not The Biggest Loser. The team voted based on numbers, as Emmy was the smallest loser both last week and this week.

From her starting weight of 366 pounds, Vanessa is down 45 pounds to 321 today.

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