The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 12

Posted by Shane on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm

So back before NBC got bored of airing this show a few weeks ago, Scott was voted out in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 11.

I wasn’t sure whether they were in singles last week or not because half the show got preempted by politics. Today they are officially in singles.

Their first challenge as singles is a Biggest Loser style track and field event. They have to go across some hurdles, through a mud pit, memorize a 16 color pattern, and return to the other side to match it. Reward is immunity. Lori is injured and can compete but cannot run. In a memory event, I don’t think that’s a big deal. Then again, all they have to do is match 5 at a time 3 times because it’s not like the board resets. Seems simple enough. Lori has a seemingly easy time with the challenge and wins immunity.

Bob’s got two former NFL players, so he puts Scott and Damien through the Combine, a series of athletic tasks they last had to do a couple of decades ago. When they’re done with their workout, they will battle it out on the scale.

Scott: 259 pounds (-9, 3.36%)
Damien: 293 pounds (-2, 0.68%)

I thought Scott had this in the bag after not having lost any weight last week, but Damien’s off week made it not even a comparison.

Lori: 240 pounds (-3, 1.23%, immune)
Woody: 306 pounds (-9, 2.86%)
JJ: 300 pounds (-6, 1.96%)
Sonya: 189 pounds (-8, 4.06%)
Jordan: 233 pounds (9, 3.72%)
Toma: 235 pounds (-11, 4.47%) - over 100 pounds lost
Rob: 350 pounds (-15, 4.11%)

Dropping to 300 pounds rather than 299, JJ is pissed off. Chill out, dude. Later, he finds out he is below the yellow line alongside Woody. Both seem like pretty big targets. Had she not won immunity, Lori would be below the line with JJ.

Toma: JJ
Jordan: JJ
Sonya: JJ

With 3 votes, JJ is not The Biggest Loser. But he’s not the only one leaving the house tonight. They are all heading to Hawaii.

From his starting weight of 388 pounds, Damien is down 107 pounds to 281 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 13, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 11

Posted by Shane on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Following a tribe shuffle, the dominant white team promptly fell apart in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 10, and Rondalee was eliminated.

Ugh. Presidential address. Not this again. If I cared enough, I would read about it online in a couple minutes rather than listening to the talking and talking and talking. Everybody’s already made up their mind one way or the other. No need to try to convince us for 20 minutes.

So when we get to the ranch, the show’s about half over, though I’m guessing I probably have not missed too much.

After watching the contestants release butterflies and talk about how they feel like they are changing as well, we head to Comeback Canyon.

Rondalee: 217 pounds (-4, 1.81%)
Damien: 295 pounds (-11, 3.59%)

For the second week, Damien has won the weigh in, eliminating his next victim, Rondalee.

At the weigh in, their goal is to lose 50 pounds together (40 pounds because they won the challenge). If they do, everybody is safe. If they do not, two people will fall below the yellow line. So I guess they are now in singles, too. I seem to have missed more than I expected.

Sonya: 197 pounds (-3, 1.50%)
Jordan: 242 pounds (-4, 1.63%)
JJ: 306 pounds (-3, 0.97%)
Woody: 315 pounds (-2, 0.63%)
Lori: 243 pounds (-2, 0.82%)
Rob: 365 pounds (-1, 0.27%)
Toma: 247 pounds (+1, 0.41%)
Scott: 268 pounds (no change)

What a disastrous weigh in all around. The two people who did not lose weight fall below the yellow line, putting Toma and Scott in danger.

Jordan: Toma
Sonya: Scott
Rob: Toma
Woody: Scott
JJ: Scott
Lori: Scott

They may be in singles now (I assume they are), but they’re still voting in teams (old teams). That leaves the deciding vote up to the last standing original blue team member, Lori, who once again is alone after voting out fellow new white team member Scott.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 12, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 10

Posted by Shane on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:59 pm

Damien fell below the red line in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 9, leaving just a single person left on his blue team.

Since the blue team is so hopeless, it’s time for a team shuffle. The white team will suffer the most from this, as they have only lost a single person in 9 weeks. Unlike the first time when it was about the people who finished first being able to choose where they wanted to go, this will be left up to random chance. They will pick kettlebells with team colors.

Dolvett: Sonya, Toma, Rob
Jen: Scott, Rondalee, Lori
Jessie: Jordan, JJ, Woody

Only Rob and Rondalee remain on their original teams. Just like that, the white team now seems like the weakest link.

Nobody is particularly happy about the change, but Sonya is particularly broken up about it. She ends up crying during the workout.

Rocco DiSpirito is back for some cooking. The team that cooks the best dish will win a 1 pound advantage. They will be judged on taste, creativity, and healthiness. The red team uses an entire jalapeno pepper in their meal, which is an easy guarantee they will lose. Between the other two teams, based on their ratio of carbs to protein at 1:1, the white team wins.

Jackie: 239 pounds (-4, 1.65%)
Damien: 306 pounds (-8, 2.55%)

After two weeks of winning, Jackie has met her downfall against Damien.

Scott: 268 pounds (-9, 3.25%)
Lori: 245 pounds (-4, 1.61%)
Rondalee: 221 pounds (-3, 1.34%)
White Total: 733 pounds (-16, -1, 2.27%)

Sonya: 200 pounds (-6, 2.91%)
Rob: 366 pounds (-8, 2.14%)
Toma: 246 pounds (-9, 3.53%)
Red Total: 812 pounds (-23, 2.75%)

JJ: 309 pounds (-8, 2.52%)
Jordan: 246 pounds (-2, 0.81%)
Woody: 317 pounds (-15, 4.52%)
Blue Total: 872 pounds (-25, 2.79%)

Woody’s terrible number last week proves to be the blue team’s saving grace. The white team’s reign came to a thud pretty quickly. Rondalee has fallen below the red line.

From her starting weight of 291 pounds, Jackie is down 83 to 208 pounds today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 11, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 9

Posted by Shane on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 7:51 pm

Blake has been one of the biggest losers this season, but her as its latest victim in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 8.

Damien shows up to the challenge wearing a sling that he got as a result of boxing with his trainer.

Some more former NFL players, who in this case have not let themselves go, join them. Their job is to launch footballs to two of their teammates (one trainer and one contestant), who will be tied together. Once they make catches, they must return them to the other end of the field. Reward is video chats. Sonya is a lost cause, so the white team is obviously going to lose. Scott and Jordan manage to beat Damien and Lori by a small margin to win the reward for the red team. Rob offers his chat to Lori.

Jackie: 243 pounds (-6, 2.41%)
Blake: 195 pounds (-1, 0.51%)

Blake has another bad week, while Jackie has a much improved week, leading to Jackie being the first person to survive for two weeks in a row at Comeback Canyon.

Rondalee: 224 pounds (-7, 3.03%)
JJ: 317 pounds (-4, 1.25%)
Toma: 255 pounds (-8, 3.04%)
Woody: 332 pounds (-3, 0.90%)
Sonya: 206 pounds (-9, 4.19%)
White Total: 1334 pounds (-31, 2.27%)

Lori: 249 pounds (-6, 2.35%)
Damien: 314 pounds (-3, 0.95%)
Blue Total: 563 pounds (-9, 1.57%)

Scott: 277 pounds (-6, 2.12%)
Jordan: 248 pounds (-5, 1.98%)
Rob: 374 pounds (-13, 3.36%)
Red Total: 899 pounds (-24, 2.60%)

The blue team continues to get decimated as Damien falls below the red line.

From her starting weight of 251 pounds, Blake is down 90 pounds to 161 today. She has been on diets since age 7 but finally realized that she needs to change her lifestyle instead.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 10, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 8

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Jackie fell below the red line and was eliminated in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 7.

One player from each team will run on a treadmill. Once they stop running, they will go into the water. As they continue, the speed will increase every 5 minutes. Damien, Rondalee, and Scott will run for their teams. Rondalee’s pretty sure she can hang with the football players, but this time she cannot. Scott ends up beating Damien, and the red team finally wins a challenge.

Now they can assign penalties. One team will have to clean the house and cannot go to the gym until they are finished. The other team will go to Las Vegas for the week. Only on this show is that a punishment. The red team gives the trip to Vegas to the white team to try to knock them off their winning pedestal, while the blue team will clean.

When they arrive, they are immediately greeted by temptation in the form of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, but they resist. Of course, it doesn’t end there. Their first stop is a buffet. They are pretty good. Then they go to a club. The women are confident, but they are concerned about the guys, who are clearly not entirely opposed to indulging at least a little. In the end, everybody does seem to mostly behave, though it appears there is more interest in partying than exercise.

Now we head to Comeback Canyon for the second chance weigh in.

Jackie: 249 pounds (-3, 1.19%)
Gina: 202 pounds (-2, 0.98%)

Two lackluster numbers, but Jackie’s 3 pound weight loss for the second week in a row is enough to save her.

Rob: 387 pounds (-9, 2.27%)
Jordan: 253 pounds (-6, 2.32%)
Scott: 283 pounds (-5, 1.74%)
Blake: 196 pounds (-3, 1.51%)
Red Total: 1119 pounds (-23, 2.01%)

Rondalee: 231 pounds (-3, 1.28%)
JJ: 321 pounds (-7, 2.13%)
Sonya: 215 pounds (-6, 2.71%)
Toma: 263 pounds (-8, 2.95%)
Woody: 335 pounds (-7, 2.05%)
White Total: 1365 pounds (-31, 2.22%)

Lori: 255 pounds (-5, 1.16%)
Damien: 317 pounds (-9, 2.76%)
Blue Total: 572 pounds (-12, 2.05%)

Once again, the two punished teams outperformed the not punished team, and the one with the worse punishment did the best. As the smallest loser on the losing team, Blake has fallen below the red line.

From her starting weight of 242 pounds, Gina is down 65 pounds to 177 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 9, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 7

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 6:09 pm

After falling below the red line in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 6, Gina was eliminated.

Jessie chooses today to tap into his team’s inner athletes. He starts off with Lori, three time gold medalist, and tries to hit her pitches.

The teams have a task this week of holding 15% of their body weight above their heads. If they let go, their trainers will fall into the pool. The first team to fail will lose their trainer for the week, and the next team will only have their trainer for the last chance workout. Sonya and Woody (rather than Rondalee) sit out for the white team. Blake sits out for the red team.

After half an hour, nobody has let go. Scott drops at 34 minutes. Jordan follows. It’s pretty much a lost cause for the red team, the heaviest of the bunch, and Rob is next. White and blue teams are still intact after 50 minutes. JJ is the first person to drop from the white team. Then Toma. And of course Rondalee falls next. This is kind of a silly challenge since one person falling is leading to the downfall of everybody else. Blue team is the only team that will have their trainer for the week.

Gina: 204 pounds (-3, 1.45%)
Matt: 315 pounds (-2, 0.63%)

They both put up pretty bad numbers, but Matt’s big week last week caught up with him, allowing Gina to get by with a 3 pound weight loss.

Rob: 396 pounds (-9, 2.22%)
Jordan: 259 pounds (-7, 2.63%)
Scott: 288 pounds (-7, 2.37%)
Blake: 199 pounds (-5, 2.45%)
Red Total: 1142 pounds (-28, 2.39%)

Lori: 258 pounds (-5, 1.90%)
Jackie: 252 pounds (-2, 0.79%)
Damien: 326 pounds (-5, 1.51%)
Blue Total: 836 pounds (-12, 1.42%)

JJ: 328 pounds (-7, 2.09%)
Toma: 271 pounds (-4, 1.45%)
Woody: 342 pounds (-4, 1.16%)
Rondalee: 234 pounds (-2, 0.85%)
Sonya: 221 pounds (-6, 2.64%)
White Total: 1396 pounds (-23, 1.62%)

Interestingly, the less time teams had with their trainer this week, the better they did. As the smallest loser both on the losing blue team and overall, Jackie has fallen below the red line and been eliminated.

From his starting weight of 386 pounds, Matt is down 114 pounds to 272 today. His girlfriend has been begging him for a few years to go up to a waterfall with her, but he could not (or did not want to) make the trek. When they reach the top, he proposes.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 8, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 6

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 6:46 pm

The return of the red line led to Matt’s elimination in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5.

Alison greets them with some tailgating food, among the least healthy food there is. This is a temptation. Each person will get 3 minutes alone, and whoever eats the most will get immunity. However, their weight will still count for their team’s total and may help to knock someone below the red line.

Several people refuse to eat anything, but there are those who are more than willing to partake.

Scott ate 270 calories. Woody ate 378 calories. Toma easily beat both of them (and Rob) with over 800 calories. By temptation standards, that’s a pretty tame amount.

Scott grew up in an environment where he felt alone, not having either a father or mother he could rely on. One thing he did learn from his father is that he needs to get healthy, or he will die just like him.

Mike and Matt are both strong competitors, a big change from what we have seen at Comeback Canyon in weeks past. Either of them could easily stick around for a long time to come, though as we saw last week with Matt, one bad week could be the end.

Mike: 315 pounds (-11, 3.37%)
Matt: 317 pounds (-16, 4.80%)

Falling below the red line last week helped Matt here. Mike put up an impressive number, but it was not enough.

JJ: 335 pounds (-7, 2.05%)
Sonya: 227 pounds (-7, 2.99%)
Rondalee: 236 pounds (-6, 2.48%)
Woody: 346 pounds (-8, 2.26%)
Toma: 275 pounds (-7, 2.48%, immune)
White Total: 1419 pounds (-35, 2.41%)

Jackie: 254 pounds (-5, 1.93%)
Lori: 263 pounds (-4, 1.50%)
Gina: 207 pounds (-3, 1.43%)
Damien: 331 pounds (-7, 2.07%)
Blue Total: 1055 pounds (-19, 1.77%)

Scott: 295 pounds (-7, 2.32%)
Jordan: 266 pounds (-6, 2.21%)
Blake: 204 pounds (-5, 2.39%)
Rob: 416 pounds (-11, 2.64%)
Red Total: 1170 pounds (-29, 2.42%)

They try to create drama, as if Rob is going to lose less than 4 pounds, but the end result is obvious. The blue team put up the only numbers below 2%, and Gina has fallen below the red line by a narrow margin.

From his starting weight of 399 pounds, Mike has dropped 120 pounds and weighs 279 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 7, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Mike made his team’s decision easy in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 4, volunteering to go home to let the younger ones stick around a while longer.

Though he volunteered to be sent home and his team agreed, Mike is actually this season’s biggest loser so far. He should prove to be stiff competition for Chandra or anyone else who follows.

Matt used to be a model, but then he suffered injuries. After that, doctors told him he could not play sports any more, and he turned to food instead.

They are all about to cross a canyon while suspended 100 feet in the air and will have to pull themselves across. Isn’t there a weight limit on this sort of thing? Woody immediately volunteers to sit out, but he cannot do that because he sat out last time. The winning team will be able to make the weight of one player on another team not count. More good news: there is a red line this week.

Rondalee somehow beats Damien and Scott to take the lead for the white team. Damien feels something pop in his shoulder, but he keeps going anyway. Matt retains the lead for the white team, and Sonya continues that. Out of nowhere, Lori makes it interesting toward the end, but Woody is still able to help keep the white team undefeated in challenges.

The white team has decided to sideline Damien and put the blue team’s fate on the girls this week. A smart choice since he has lost the most weight on his team every week except the first. The other choices they had considered are Blake and Scott. Perhaps that would be better since the red team is a lot more threatening.

The outcome of the Comeback Canyon weigh in seems pretty obvious.

Mike: 326 pounds (-7, 2.10%)
Chandra: 313 pounds (-4, 1.26%)

Mike ends up winning, and Chandra will be going home.

Scott: 302 pounds (-13, 4.13%)
Blake: 209 pounds (-7, 3.24%)
Jordan: 272 pounds (-7, 2.51%)
Rob: 416 pounds (-5, 1.19%)
Red Total: 1199 pounds (-32, 2.60%)

After that, it’s looking like Scott or Blake would have been good choices.

Damien: 338 pounds (-6, 1.74%)
Gina: 210 pounds (-7, 3.23%)
Jackie: 259 pounds (-8, 3.00%)
Lori: 267 pounds (-9, 3.26%)
Blue Total: 1074 pounds (-30, 2.72%)
Blue Total (without Damien): 736 pounds (-24, 3.16%)

And now Damien does not look like such a good choice.

JJ: 342 pounds (-5, 1.44%)
Sonya: 234 pounds (-6, 2.50%)
Woody: 354 pounds (-7, 1.94%)
Rondalee: 242 pounds (-8, 3.20%)
Toma: 282 pounds (-9, 3.09%)
Matt: 333 pounds (-3, 0.89%)
White Total: 1787 pounds (-38, 2.08%)

Having fallen below the red line, Matt is going home. One off week is all it takes when the red line is in place.

The white team’s challenge win did not so much “backfire” because they were on a losing path almost no matter what. Even if they lost the challenge and Matt was sidelined, they still would have lost the weigh in. However, there was a single person at this weigh in who they could have picked that would have turned that loss into a second place. Choosing Scott would have knocked the red team down to 2.07%, eliminating Rob.

Chandra is down to 287 pounds from her staring weight of 341 pounds, a difference of 54.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 6, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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