Big Brother 16 Episode 5

Donny won a spelling competition in Big Brother 16 Episode 4 that saved him from the block, while everybody else was unable to find all the letters to create any words. Not at all suspicious. In his place, Joey was nominated alongside Paola.

Paola plans to stay under the radar for the week and just let Joey keep digging her own grave. She may not be campaigning for herself, but Devin sure is, continuing his overly aggressive style that is worse than Joey’s stupid attempt to create an all girl alliance. As for Joey, she dresses up as a man (her alter ego Alex) and pretends to be one of the guys.

Caleb has a crush on Amber. When he finally admits it, he creates an awkward atomsphere because she does not feel the same way and does not plan to.

Devin: Joey
Derrick: Joey
Frankie: Joey
Cody: Joey
Zach: Joey
Brittany: Joey
Nicole: Joey
Christine: Joey
Victoria: Joey
Jocasta: Joey
Hayden: Joey
Amber: Joey
Donny: Joey

By a vote of 13-0, Joey has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I would have preferred that at least one person vote the other way just for the sake of screwing with Devin. The most important part of this vote is that it decimates this season’s other stupid twist, Team America. Let’s keep going in that direction. Paola made a terrible first impression, but I have found her a lot more likeable over the past couple of episodes.

This week’s HOH will be split into two parts, one for the men and one for the women, effectively ensuring that the all male dominance is at an end or at least wobbling for the time being, unless either Amber or Christine win. Both sets of people will compete in the same competition, transferring kegs across balance beams while having frisbees chucked at them.

Amber is in the lead the whole time and just keeps getting further ahead, eventually becoming this week’s first HOH. More importantly, she just saved the Bomb Squad from having to lose power this week. In hindsight, Devin bringing two girls into the alliance seems very smart, even if it was stupid for him to do so without bothering to discuss it with anyone else. Since almost all the guys are in the Bomb Squad, it seems a safe bet that they will get the other spot. But it’s Hayden who is dominating the game. When he gets a few feet away from winning, he falls and is eliminated. Cody wins. Or does he? Nope, his foot hit the ground before he hit his button. That makes Devin the second HOH of the week. Cody’s probably better off that way anyway.

Unsurprisingly, Donny is the second member of Team America. As much as I like him, I also like that he’s got a big target on his back. America does not need influence over this game. If you want it that way, just go back to season 1.

Ugh. Joey has been eliminated. So now the rules are changed. They won’t just let her go. No, they will be letting an additional person into Team America to keep it at three. CBS, you suck. Let these stupid twists die a natural death rather than trying to prolong the misery.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 4

Caleb nominated Donny and Paola, and Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany in Big Brother 16 Episode 3. Following the very first battle of the block, Victoria and Brittany were safe, while Frankie was put back into the potential nomination pool, having possibly made two new enemies for no good reason. As easy as it is to dismiss his HOH as stupid, the good news for him is that being the first HOH put him in a power position he would not otherwise be in, part of a jock alliance that likely would have ignored him. Of course, by this point, Devin has probably told everybody in the house about the alliance anyway.

Paola admits she’s usually selfish, but she says she would rather put Donny before herself. His water works, which seem genuine, are having the effect of causing sympathy, at least among some people.

Despite the fact that Donny just lost and was the first male to fall in the previous competition, the other guys are calling him a beast and a challenge threat. They also think he’s ex-military. Frankie sees this as further indication of Devin’s delusion, but now Caleb is being drawn into the spiral as well. Though Devin does not trust Donny and lets him know, Donny will keep trusting anyway.

Caleb must name the first four have nots of the summer. Hayden, Joey, Brittany, and Cody volunteer. Their room is an ice room, and the slop is in popsicle form.

Joey wants to salvage her all girl alliance, which has already fallen apart. Perhaps if she drags even more girls into the alliance, that will work better than what has already failed. This is a disaster that just paints a target on her, as Amber quickly informs her Bomb Squad alliance, which for some reason is still a thing, what’s happening. What Amber says doesn’t even matter because Joey tells Devin about the alliance she failed to start anyway.

The HOH and the two nominees will compete in the power of veto competition and choose one person each to participate by random draw. Caleb chooses Vicotoria, Paola chooses Zach, and Donny chooses Cody. None of them got their wishes.

They are the Miami Lice (ugh) squad and must reveal letters on each gooey bug in what will culminate in a spelling competition. Zach spells warning. Cody spells competively, which is not a word, and I think he may have just realized it. Caleb spells secialize, also not a word. Victoria likewise could not find all the letters. Paola spells a random non-word because she cannot find all the letters either. Donny spells splitters, a pretty good 9 letter word that is enough for him to win the power of veto. Yes, Donny just won a spelling competition, even if for no other reason than not a single person in this house can spell. This should help reenforce the belief that he’s a highly trained ex-special forces super fighter.

At the veto ceremony, Donny removes himself from the block. Caleb nominates Joey due to her inept attempt at starting a competing alliance. Good. Let’s start getting rid of America’s team. It was stupid when Eric was America’s player, as he lost the game because he was dumb enough to listen and handed it to a frankly terrible player. We don’t need a whole team of people ruining the game. That’s what the producers are for.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 3

Caleb became the week’s second HOH in Big Brother 16 Episode 2.

Because there are two HOHs, they get to share a room. Frankie has a plan to be as fake as possible and pretend that he likes Caleb, despite his prejudged notions that he’s a conservative hick.

Devin, who’s allied with half the house already, now proposes an all male alliance. The Bomb Squad jock alliance includes Devin, Cody, Derrick, Caleb, Zach, and because he’s the other HOH, Frankie. As for his alliance with Donny, that’s over, but he will continue to play along.

The nominations would historically take the entire episode, but now they have to get it done before half past the hour because there is more to come. They have to draw to determine who nominates first, and the second HOH will choose from the remaining nominees.

Nominated by Caleb

Nominated by Frankie

Caleb nominated the first male and first female who fell to reduce suspicion of an all male alliance, and Frankie nominated the first two people who fell. Victoria feels betrayed by somebody who made an alliance with her night one because her shirt matched his hair.

The nominations make sense, but they may be a glimpse of things to come. Rather than make a big move, which it’s really too early to do anyway, both play it safe and just nominate the weakest links possible who have the least chance of winning the competition and dethroning them.

Something I’m not sure I have seen before: the HOH starts crying after the ceremony. Caleb is almost the most broken up about these nominations. Frankie goes to console the only person who is more upset, Victoria, telling her he had no choice but to nominate her but does not want her to go home. She’s not dumb enough to fall for it.

Apparently not content with being allied with almost the entire house already, Devin tells Amber and Christine about his new alliance and wants them to join. After he tells them, then he wakes Caleb up and informs him that two new people have joined. Furthermore, Devin is afraid that Donny is a mastermind. These guys might want to reconsider and get rid of this idiot before he does any more damage.

The first battle of the block requires them to swing, fill their glasses with liquid, and throw that toward their partners, who can then fill a container on the other side. Donny’s having fun, but Paola has pretty much given up from the start. After being pathetic for a while, Paola starts to make things interesting, but it’s too late. Victoria and Brittany win, which means Frankie is no longer HOH.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 2

A bunch of stupid twists started off the season in Big Brother 16 Episode 1, and Frankie ended up being the first person to win HOH this week.

For those of you keeping score at home, today is Ariana Grande’s birthday. You don’t want to pass up this opportunity, CBS.

They keep threatening us that this will be the most twisted summer ever. This will not end well.

The additional houseguests who will be entering the house tonight are Brittany, Christine, Jocasta, Victoria, Caleb, Derrick, Hayden, and Zach.

Victoria is orthodox… but does not dress it. Caleb is a metrosexual country boy, whatever that is. Brittany seems to be looking for a showmance now that her marriage is over. Christine is a BB fanatic. Derrick is a cop. Zach recently graduated from college, so now he just chills. He has been punched in the face before for having a big mouth. Jocasta thinks Jesus cares who wins this show. Hayden is goofy and thinks everybody will like him.

Paola wonders why a minister would come on Big Brother of all shows. Victoria delusionally believes she’s the hottest one there. Derrick pretends he’s not a cop.

Frankie is already worried about Caleb being too conservative within about the first five minutes based apparently on the words south and hunting. He’s probably right, but at least give the guy a chance. He’s not so worried about Victoria and is already making an alliance (or some sort of partnership) with her because she’s wearing pink.

Caleb doesn’t plan to throw any competitions, no matter how stupid that plan may be. In addition to the fact that Frankie is worried about him, so is Paola, who thinks he’ll go after the other big target in the house, which obviously would be her.

Donny’s plan is to just be funny. He does not want anybody to confuse him with someone who’s good at the game. I did not plan to.

Brittany and Derrick bond over the fact that they both have children.

Zach knows people from Frankie’s high school. He knows exactly what they are like. He does not clarify this statement, but Frankie assumes. It does not seem terribly far fetched if what we know about Frankie’s family is any indication, though such comments are about the worst first impression possible.

The second HOH competition is about to begin. They are going to be roasted on a BBQ and have to hold on as they spin around. Victoria is the first one to fall, so now Frankie is over her. Brittany falls after they start spraying them with sauce. Jocasta is next. Christine is the fourth person to fall and the last girl down. Zach drops next, and so does Derrick, both saying they don’t want to win. Neither Hayden nor Caleb have that mindset. Though Hayden puts up a good fight, it’s not even close, and Caleb is the second HOH.

Caleb just put a huge target on his back, but at the same time, he impressed a lot of people who now want to work with him.

Now here’s how the twist works. Both HOH winners will nominate two people. Additionally, there will be a new competition called the battle of the block, which is between the nominees, who have the opportunity save themselves while dethroning the HOH who nominated them. Yeah, it’s even more dumb than ever to win HOH.

The first member of Team America based on the public’s votes is Joey. I did not predict that. Joey seems likeable enough, though I don’t have any strong opinion one way or the other at this point. Of course, all of this was based on the online bio (hers states her favorite cast member ever was GinaMarie but is otherwise an okay read). She says she will happily accept and complete any task America assigns her. Eric was equally an idiot when he was America’s player.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 1

It’s time once again for the show everybody loves to hate. This year is the first season in HD, which means the producers must be getting more comfortable with their ability to rig competitions without getting caught. Early reports suggest more “controversial” houseguests. I can’t wait to be “upset” about people being “racist” again episode after episode. That sure was fun last year.

Paola thinks she will manipulate all the men. Donny was the janitor at Kelly Pickler’s high school. Cody is a former pro soccer player, while Devin played baseball. Frankie is Ariana Grande’s sister, a name probably more popular with those watching Disney Channel than this show. Joey is extremely liberal and plans to be annoyed by high maintenance girls.

Paola has a crush on Cody already. She’ll need to get in line to compete with Frankie for him. Amber wants Devin, who wants Joey. As per usual, everybody is right around the same age group, except for the old man of the house, 42 year old Donny.

Only eight people (Paola, Donny, Cody, Devin, Joey, Frankie, Amber, and Nicole) enter the house at first, so they launch a plan to stick together. They create the first alliance of the season, the Crazy Eights. Then Devin creates his own side alliance with Donny, a very smart union because nobody will suspect it.

As much as she thinks she can manipulate the men, Paola’s wants a girl power alliance, and she is already threatend by how close Frankie and Cody are. She wants to give America hope that girls can work together. No, really. Mostly, Nicole is confused by their name, El Cuatro.

This year’s twist is that the HOH will not be safe just because they are HOH. What’s even the point of being HOH then? It’s usually pretty stupid to win to begin with because you just make enemies, but at least you don’t have to worry for that week.

The first HOH competition of the season will only feature these first eight people. Their task is to be the last surfer standing in what will involve a lot of walking and balancing on a rolling log. Paola is the first person to fall. Joey follows. Then sunscreen begins to fall from the sky, and Nicole falls. The log then starts going the opposite direction. Donny is the first man to fall, and Devin drops right after him. Cody follows. Amber says she then decided to throw it, and Frankie is the new HOH. In a weird turn of events that could only happen in this season, he immediately starts begging everybody to keep him safe.

Julie reveals the rest of the twist. A second group of eight houseguests will be joining them, and one of them will become HOH as well. However, by the end of the week, only one HOH will be left standing.

There’s also another twist, called Team America. This should be stupid. Three people will be part of a secret alliance to be controlled by America. I can’t wait for actual skill at playing the game to be interrupted by a popularity contest.

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