Big Brother Season 20 Episode 9

Swaggy C playing himself out of the house concluded in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 8, then Scottie went from pawn to potential power position with his HOH win.

Scottie still wants to work with the alliance he has sort of been working with, even though he knows he is at the bottom of their totem pole and didn’t vote with them in their futile attempt to save Swaggy.

Winston and Brett are inseparable and the strongest pair in the house. They hope that acting like idiots will deflect the concerns about them. Scottie has already decided to target them, no matter what anybody else says. It doesn’t help their case that Sam tells him the truth about what happened with the Steve vote, which they had tried lying about. Rather than coming clean, Winston doubles down on that lie. Brett at least is able to come in and charm him. He’s the more dangerous of the two.

The BB App Store opens one final time. Haleigh gets the crap app. I don’t understand the logic behind these crap app results for any week. Her choice is Read It, which will require her to put on a costume and read until she has read all of the book Hamlet.

Bayleigh wins the power app. What? How? What? I would think being tied to Swaggy would have alienated her from people, although I found it odd he never got the crap app. She chooses identity theft, which will allow her to make the nominations for one HOH at any point during the first half of the game.


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