Big Brother Season 20 Episode 10

Scottie’s HOH win forced him to pick a side in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 9, and he opted to go after the largest side, nominating bros Brett and Winston.

Brett is usually charming, but now he’s pissed off and loses his cool a bit when talking to Scottie. Not to be outdone, Winston doesn’t even sit down to chat. He threatens him and warns him to hope he’s gone because next week he’ll be seeking revenge.

Rachel suggests throwing Kaitlyn under the bus. Her fear is that otherwise herself or Angela will be the replacement nominee. It didn’t take long for Kaitlyn to go from hero to expendable.

Scottie selects Tyler at random to play in the veto competition. Brett picks Rachel. Winston selects Rockstar. The odds are pretty well stacked.

The veto competition requires them to spin 15 times, run across the yard, and stack glasses without letting their clock hit 0. Not exactly a competition that favors big buff guys, but who it does favor is unpredictable. Tyler has no interest in winning because he’s playing everybody, no matter that his alliance members are on the block. Brett is so close to the top and way ahead of anybody else, just a few glasses away, but his time runs out. He agrees to be a have not for a week to get a second chance. Scottie wins the power of veto and trip to Greece.

Scottie made his targets clear, and the way they behaved after nominations does not help. It seems unlikely that both bros will survive the week. They propose a final three with him, which nobody would suspect, and he would be foolish to actually go to the end with them, though riding them for a month or so wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It’s not like he has anybody else, no matter which side he thinks he’s on.

It doesn’t take much for Kaitlyn to get Scottie to admit their plans of getting rid of her instead. She had a vision, which Scottie is happy to confirm. It’s accurate. Not that any psychic powers were needed to see them having such a plan, but she is impressed by herself. Brett mocks her at the veto ceremony. She is not amused.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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