Big Brother Season 20 Episode 11

After Scottie’s veto win, he left his nominations the same in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 10, leaving Brett and Winston on the block.

The real question of the night isn’t which of those two is going to get voted of the house. The real question is whether Sam will use her bonus life on one of them. It may not be the best use of that power app, but it’s still a good use, likely the best she will get. Too much risk in tossing it to next week and automatically having that person get it.

Brett is far bigger physical and social threat. His allies consider that an asset, while his enemies see him as too much of a problem to keep around.

It takes six votes to evict. Tyler’s going to have to reveal his hand because Kaitlyn expects her to vote with him.

Kaitlyn: Brett
Rachel: Winston
Kaycee: Winston
Rockstar: Brett
Faysal: Brett
Bayleigh: Brett
Angela: Winston
Haleigh: Brett
JC: Winston
Tyler: Winston
Sam: Winston

By a vote of 6-5, Winston has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Once again the other side of the house is shocked by what they view as a stray vote. Immediately following the vote, Rockstar freaks out about Brett making yet another amusing speech, during which he said Rockstar told him she was flipping. Her excessive reaction is concern that someone may have actually believed his nonsensical speech. They know somebody flipped. Is she the one people trust least?

Julie reveals the specific vote to Winston. I guess that means Sam isn’t using her power on the guy who just threw her friendship bracelet on the ground and who wants to get back into the house and wreck that whole alliance who kept Brett instead. The way he’s behaving, he would not have been a good person to save after all. We’ve seen this from Winston before. Brett is the calm one. Winston’s a lot more emotional.

The HOH competition requires them to be the last person standing on their tree.

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