Big Brother Season 20 Episode 12

Scottie got what he wanted with the elimination of one of the bros in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 11, but Winston’s allies banded together to get rid of him, keeping the stronger player in the house.

Kaitlyn asks Tyler to swear on his father’s grave that he didn’t flip. His response is “I would never do that.” Never do what? He’s not lying because he didn’t actually answer the question.

We left off at the start of an endurance HOH competition with everybody trying to hold on to trees. Rockstar is the first to fall at 24 minutes. Fessy falls at 30 minutes. Brett is right behind, followed immediately by Baleigh. Angela and Rachel are next. Hayleigh falls at 49 minutes. JC is next. Kaitlyn falls just after the 1 hour mark, and Kaycee just wanted to beat her, jumping right after that. Tyler already knows he’s safe, but he makes a deal to make it look good. Sam wins HOH.

That’s complicated. Her power has turned into something that can backfire. It’s no longer an advantage when it doesn’t seem like it can help her at all. She needs to get rid of someone, knowing that they will have the chance to come back in the house.

The stray votes week after week are tearing apart the other side of the house. Level Six may have lost a number, but they’re still sticking together. Rockstar’s falling apart, and it doesn’t take much to get Kaitlyn to follow suit.

Sam warns everybody that she’s already got her mind made up, and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Kaitlyn’s theory is that maybe nobody flipped. Sam must have a vote steal as her power. Somebody’s psychic powers are on the fritz. Tyler doesn’t even need to weasel his way out of this because they are fooling themselves.

Rockstar has moved past the depression stage. She now proceeds to make as much noise possible and make an ass out of herself. I don’t see this lasting, but it’s not doing her any favors.


Sam has some harsh words for the two nominees. She wants them to respect themselves more and not try to manipulate the guys.

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