Big Brother Season 20 Episode 13

Sam won HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 12 and took a shot at two girls from the other side, Haleigh and Kaitlyn.

By nominating two weaker players, Sam reduces the risk that her power app would come back to bite her. One of them would get the chance to come back in the house, but they could either fail or at worst come back and still not be a threat. In theory, they will be thankful to her for giving themselves to fight their way back into the house, but that won’t work if she’s making things personal.

Rockstar obviously doesn’t support the way Sam talked to the nominees, but Kaycee doesn’t either.

Is Sam just trying to knock out the competition? Now she’s flirting with Fessy. Meanwhile, he is telling both of the nominees that he would pick them over the other. He’s begging to be chosen to play in the veto, but that would be dumb of him to win.

Sam chooses JC (houseguest’s choice). Kaitlyn chooses Rockstar at random. Haleigh chooses Fessy (houseguest’s choice).

Fessy reiterates to both Kaitlyn and Haleigh that he will save them.

The veto competition is to get into the chop bonk spank machine and answer questions about what they just experienced. Everybody gets the first question correct. Sam and Faysal get the second question correct. Everybody but Sam gets the third question correct. Everybody but Haleigh gets the fourth question correct. Everybody gets the fifth question correct. Faysal and Kaitlyn get the sixth question correct, putting them in first and second places. Kaitlyn claims she is throwing it, but it doesn’t matter because Faysal gets the seventh and final question correct to win the power of veto.

Winning was not necessary for him, though it doesn’t hurt. What may hurt is that repeatedly told both of them that he’s going to save them. Dumb. There is no reason for the person he doesn’t pick to trust him again.

Kaitlyn figures out he’s dumb enough to have promised both of them, and she is already talking to him like he didn’t choose her. That should convince him.

Veto Ceremony
Faysal uses the power of veto on Haleigh.
Rockstar is the replacement nominee.

She considered nominating JC as a pawn, but she lost her nerve at the last second and nominated the expendable Rockstar instead. He’s not happy that she even considered it, but he’ll get over it.

Sam said she would tell the two nominees about the power app, but she’ll go one better and just do it at the ceremony in front of everybody.

Kaitlyn’s been all over the place in this house, but Fessy just needlessly put himself at the top of her hit list. The showmance was kind of an obvious choice, but he didn’t need to lie over and over again.

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