Big Brother Season 20 Episode 14

Fessy won the power of veto in a move that could spell the end of his game in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 13, and after repeatedly promising both of his closest allies that he would save them, he picked Haleigh over Kaitlyn, with Rockstar being chosen as the replacement nominee.

Fessy blames the elimination of Swaggy for him being a liar. Man up. You’re just digging yourself into a bigger hole by being so bad at lying. You chose Haleigh because you have a crush on her. You planned to choose her all along. Telling Kaitlyn otherwise is just mean.

Tyler wants to keep Kaitlyn in the house. He can control her. Sort of. Maybe. If he can get Level Five onboard, that will mean they just need one more vote to avoid a tie, again JC, who this time isn’t really interested. He’s more afraid of Kaitlyn than the completely non-threatening Rockstar. That said, since Rockstar can’t win anything, her odds of winning her way back into the house are probably slimmer. In no uncertain terms, Sam will not break a tie in Kaitlyn’s favor.

Haleigh wants to get rid of the bigger threat, Kaitlyn, and Fessy agrees to do whatever she wants. Some best friends. He tells Kaitlyn he’ll vote to keep her because that’s what she wants to hear. Surely by now she knows not to believe a word he is saying.

JC: Rockstar
Bayleigh: Kaitlyn
Haleigh: Kaitlyn
Faysal: Kaitlyn
Brett: Kaitlyn
Tyler: Kaitlyn
Angela: Kaitlyn
Kaycee: Kaitlyn
Rachel: Kaitlyn
Scottie: Kaitlyn

By a vote of 9-1, Kaitlyn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. So much for all the talk of getting rid of Rockstar. Perhaps somebody should have let JC in on the plan after convincing him to vote against what he originally wanted to do. Finally the other side of the house got their way. You just did their bidding for them, even if it was to get rid of a loose cannon, but it’s not like they have the numbers either way.

As the fourth person evicted, Kaitlyn has been granted the Bonus Life app, which will give her the chance to return to the game. That chance is in the form of a competition. She must take a puzzle apart and reassemble it. She must complete this task within 2.5 minutes.

Instead of completing the puzzle on the stand, she puts it on the ground. Then she starts crying about how she can’t lift it back on the stand. Uh, you have 30 seconds left. Pull it together instead of putting your head in your hands. She comes pretty close, but not close enough.

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